Welcome to a land of sweeping history. Welcome to a land that the Romans the Angles the Saxons and a dozen other peoples warred over for a thousand years. Welcome to the land of King Arthur Alfred the Great Harald the Ruthless and William the Conqueror. Welcome to Britannia. Britannia is an historical board game that broadly depicts the millennia-long struggle for control of England Scotland and Wales. The game begins with the Roman invasion of 43 A.D. continues through the many struggles between Angles Saxons Picts Norsemen Scots Irish and other tribes and ends with the Norman invasion of 1066. Britannia allow players to re-create this epic history re-enacting important battles in some cases altering the course of history in others. The game rules discourage players from making historically unrealistic moves but also give players the freedom to alter Great Britain?s history in important ways creating countless interesting what if?? scenarios. What if Boudicca’s Revolt against the Romans had been more successful? What if the Romans and the Romano-British had repelled the Saxon invasions of the 5th and 6th centuries? What if William the Conqueror had died during the Norman invasion of 1066? In Britannia the players will determine the destiny of a kingdom.

  • 3 to 5 Players
  • 180 to 300 minutes
  • Ages 12+
  • Open Box

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Weight 1800 g
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 76 mm


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