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Field Marshal Games COMBAT TURRET




Utilizing the amazing design of the DICE TURRET with a WW2 Axis & Allies theme,
the COMBAT TURRET is an inexpensive and light weight cardboard dice tower.

Portable, reusable and disposable!

“The Cardboard Dice Turret was thought up by some of the most creative minds in the Cardboard Industry. Initial plans were brought down to two TOP men (Jerry and Rick) who spent countless hours trying to make it just right for mass production. What does mass production mean for you? No more high priced towers that will put a drain on your wallet. Call it the “Recession Buster” of Dice Towers. Yes, they are made out of Cardboard, but they are incredibly strong thanks again to those ingenious designers. They only thing they are in danger of is the occasional spilling of a Mountain Dew or an unexpected Godzilla crushing under your feet.”

Now or Never! When this product is gone, it’s gone, never to be produced again!

See Instructions on how to assemble this product :

Additional information

Weight 450 g
Dimensions 300 × 150 × 55 mm
Choose your finish

WW2/Axis and Allies Themed, Blank (White)


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