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Fort Drum – El Fraile Island



Fort Drum (originally known as El Fraile Island), also known as “the concrete battleship”, is a heavily fortified island situated at the mouth of Manila Bay in the Philippines, due south of Corregidor Island. The reinforced concrete sea fort shaped like a battleship was built by the United States in 1909 as one of the harbor defenses at the wider South Channel entrance to the bay during the American colonial period.

It was unique among forts built by the United States between the American Civil War and early World War II, both as a sea fort and in having turrets. It was captured and occupied by the Japanese during World War II, and was recaptured after U.S. forces ignited petroleum and gasoline in the fort, leaving it permanently out of commission.

  • This is a facility token for tabletop board games such as Axis and Allies, Global War 1936, etc.
      • Dimensions: 15 mm wide x 28 mm long x 8 mm tall
      • Weight: Approx 2 grams
      • Color: White or Gray (as available)


  • Placed in SZ35 (Philippines Islands) during game setup.
  • Cannot be destroyed, cannot be moved, is owned/controlled by the player power controlling Philippines Islands land zone (cannot be purchased).
  • Defends against amphibious assaults;
      • Roll 1d6.
      • On a 3 or less, inflict 1 damage to assaulting ground units.
  • Additionally adds +1 defense to up to 2 defending Infantry (defend on 3 or less).
  • Attacks any opposing naval group entering SZ35;
      • Roll 1d6.
      • On a 2 or less, inflict 1 damage to opposing fleet (opposing player decides which unit takes damage).

Additional information

Weight 2 g
Dimensions 28 × 15 × 8 mm


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