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Industrial Production Chips – G40 Deluxe Set



Game in style with
Custom Industrial Production Chips!

These casino grade poker chips are the perfect replacement for paper money
(or worse; a notepad) in Axis and Allies and other strategy style games.

Show off your economic strength or intimidate and distract your opponents with a huge stack of these stylish and durable Industrial Production Chips.

Each piece is a Casino quality, 10 gram, 39mm x 3mm Ceramic poker chip!

One full G40 DELUXE SET of Industrial Production Chips includes 75 chips

(25 x 1 IPC, 25 x 5 IPC, 15 x 10 IPC, 5 x 25 IPC, 5 x TECH Tokens) for a total value of 425 IPC’s and 5 TECH Tokens.

Starting IPC’s for various Axis and Allies games;

    • Axis and Allies Anniversary Edition: 171
    • Axis and Allies 1941: 55
    • Axis and Allies Spring 1942: 166
    • Axis and Allies Europe 1940: 149
    • Axis and Allies Pacific 1940: 81
    • Axis and Allies Global 1940: 241
** We can not guarantee an exact color match from one set of chips to another due to the variances that occur between manufacturing runs **

Additional information

Weight 780 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 55 mm


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