Tiny Epic Galaxies Player Mat Overlay




Upgrade your Tiny Epic Galaxies game!

These player mat overlays help keep tracker tokens and satellites in place while you play. The mats (provided with the game) slide in to the side channels of the overlays to hold them in place, while raised slots on the underside make it easy to slip planet and objective cards beneath the player mat. These overlays are designed to fit sleeved or non-sleeved player mats; however, sleeves fit more snugly.

Player Mat Overlays are provided in player colors.
Rogue Galaxy Mat Overlays are provided in gray.
Provide specific color preference.

The full set of overlays will not fit in the game box, whether with or without the organizer.

Game not included.

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 130 × 100 × 5 mm
Select Option

Red Player Overlay, Yellow Player Overlay, Green Player Overlay, Blue Player Overlay, Black Player Overlay, All 5 Player Mat Overlays, Rogue Galaxy Overlay, Full Set (5 Players + Rogue Galaxy Mat Overlays)


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