Transport Load Identifier and Movement Tray


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I Will Never Grow Up Transport Load Identifier and Movement Trays are accessories for tabletop board games such as  Axis and Allies.

This holder will hold a typical Axis and Allies Transport playing piece along with 2 load identifier tokens to consolidate your transport payloads, rather than having your loaded units beside, yet separate from the transport when you move them around the battle field.

Designed to keep your naval transport systems neat and tidy.

  • This is a 3D Printed accessory for tabletop board games such as Axis and Allies, Global War, etc.
      • Holds a single typical Axis and Allies scaled transport playing piece plus 2 identifier tokens (supplied).
      • Includes ;
          • 1 base/tray,
          • 5 Identifier Tokens (2 Infantry (I), 1 Artillery (A), 1 Armor (T) and 1 Mechanized Infantry (M)).
      • Dimensions;
          • Base – 16 mm wide x 18 mm long x 5 mm tall
          • Tokens – 6 mm dia x 10 mm tall
      • Weight: Approx 2 grams
      • Color : White  or Light Gray (As available)

Transport playing piece not included and shown only for scale

Additional information

Weight 2 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 mm
Select Color

Dark Gray, Brown, Orange, Tan, Olive, Red-Brown, Blue, Black, Light Gray


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