Ultramarine Devastator Marine




Support troops who truly live up to their name, the Space Marine Devastators deliver the Emperor’s judgment via stunning displays of brutal firepower. Missiles slam into ranks of enemies, blasts of scorching plasma melt craters into the very earth, lascannons punch through the hardest defences and the droning hum of grav-cannons rises to a terrible crescendo as the target of the Devastators’ wrath is reduced to nothing more than memory and dust.

Includes 1 Heavy Weapon Space Marine Devastator.

  • Used
  • Painted – Medium Tabletop
  • Ultramarine Space Marines

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 mm
Select Heavy Weapon

Plasma Cannon, Flamer, Plasma Gun, Missile Launcher, Heavy Bolter, Lascannon


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