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The Rise and Fall of Anvalor Available Now from WizKids

April 13, 2019

WizKids is thrilled to announce that The Rise & Fall of Anvalor, its all new co-opetition game is now available North American Game Stores!

Taking place in the iconic Warhammer: Age of Sigmar setting, The Rise & Fall of Anvalor has one to four players, each representing one of six factions, building a stronghold on The Great Parch. Each faction has ulterior motives, however; they seek to take Anvalor under their control to strengthen their influence in all the Mortal Realms.

Players will purchase City Buildings while enemies slowly encroach upon them. When enough enemies have gathered, players must work together to fight them off by rolling dice. Successfully defeated enemies will grant influence to the player who eliminated them, and the player with the most influence at the end of the game is the champion! With over 155,000 unique scenario combinations, The Rise & Fall of Anvalor will offer hours of challenging and variable gameplay.

The Rise & Fall of Anvalor is available now

Fimirach Noble and Warriors for Age of Sigmar available to order

October 9th, 2016

ForgeWorld have new 28mm resin models for Games Workshop’s Age of Sigmar miniatures game available to order now. You can get one of the fantasy lizardmen Fimirach Nobel, or both the nobel and a set of Warriors.

Leading units of Fimir Warriors, Fimirach Nobles are even more ferocious combatants than the loathsome reptilians they lead. Lead into battle by Fimirach Nobles, Fimir Warriors are loathsome, one-eyed reptilian creatures, infamously degenerate and malign and possessed of dark powers. Armoured with plates of spell-forged bronze fitted to their hunchbacked bodies, Fimir wield Baleglyph weapons in combat.

This collection includes three sets of three Fimir Warriors and one Fimirach Noble, totalling 10 multi-part resin models.

New Varanguard for Age of Sigmar available

December 8th, 2015

Games Workshop has more new releases for their 28mm fantasy miniatures line for Age of Sigmar, Varanguard Knights.

Warlords of incredible power and menace in their own right, the Varanguard have grown into creatures of immense cruelty over many lifetimes of merciless slaughter and conquest. Each individual Varanguard has led countless campaigns across numberless centuries, having risen through the ranks of Chaos upon a fountain of blood – they command the respect of mortal lords and kings, Daemon Princes and Daemon Kings, for when they ride into battle, it is at the bidding of the Everchosen alone. Their allegiance lies solely with Archaon, and the Three-Eyed King understands perfectly how to use their massive killing capacity. Where the Varanguard ride, subjugation follows.

This multi-part plastic kit contains all the components necessary to assemble three Varanguard Knights, sinister champions of Archaon. Each knight rides a daemonic steed – a barely-recognisable, twisted mutation of a horse covered in brutal armour. The kit comes with a hammer, an axe, a sword, three spears and three shields, six heads (three bare, three helmeted) and six shoulder pads – your emissaries of Archaon will look exactly as harsh as you want them to!

111 components in total, with three included Citadel 75x42mm Oval bases.

Archaon Everchosen available from Games Workshop

December 2nd, 2015

Games Workshop has released their massive Archaon Everchosen for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar 28mm fantasy miniatures.

Spoken of in fearful whispers by warlords and kings, Archaon is the shadow of Chaos falling upon the Mortal Realms. Greatest of the Dark Gods’ champions, the Exalted Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse, he is the Everchosen – the doom of all. Uniting the armies of Chaos with his fist of iron, wielding the legendary daemon sword the Slayer of Kings and mounted upon the terrifying, three-headed beast Dorghar, he rides out to meet the forces of Order that seek to loosen the grip of Chaos. Archaon – the Three-Eyed King, the World Razor, the Thirsting Predator – will see to it that Sigmar’s heroes fail in their quest, and that the united hosts of Chaos will unmake the Mortal Realms in their terrible, howling glory.

This kit contains all the components necessary to make one absolutely staggering, enormous, intimidating Archaon, the Everchosen. Covered in the gifts of the Dark Gods, he bears the Armour of Morkar, featuring numerous Chaos markings, inscribed with runes of warding and malice. His shield displays the symbols of the Dark Gods, and he clutches the Slayer of Kings. His vast winged mount, Dorghar, has undergone countless horrific mutations as he consumed souls from the carcasses of Archaon’s bested foes – huge wings, the faces of unfortunate Stormcast Eternals whose souls he has consumed embedded within his skin, three daemonic heads and twin tails.

Eighty-five components in total are included, with a gigantic Citadel 160mm Round base.

Preorder Battletome: Seraphon for Age of Sigmar

November 3rd, 2015

Battletome: Seraphon ( VERY Limited Edition – 1000 copies worldwide) is now available for preorder from the Games Workshop Webstore

This lavishly-produced limited edition features:

  • A magnetically-closed box with soft touch finish and unique numbering;
  • The full-colour hardback 144-page Battletome: Seraphon on exclusive, special heavy paper stock;
  • Metallic ink detailing and gilt-edged pages;
  • Envelope with five art prints;
  • Strictly limited to 1000 copies worldwide.

A full colour, 144-page hardback book, Battletome: Seraphon contains:

  • the compelling story of the seraphon – who are they, where have they come from, and for whom do they fight?
  • Three Battleplans – instructions that allow you to fight battles based around the exciting narrative leading up to them, with special rules and layouts;
  • Warscrolls for the entire seraphon range of miniatures;
  • Colour schemes and incredible photography showing off the colourful nature of the seraphon;
  • Six Warscroll Battalions – organise your miniatures into these formations for access to additional, powerful abilities;
  • The complete ruleset for Warhammer Age of Sigmar –

Scenery Dice available

November 1st, 2015

Scenery Dice are a set of 6, 6 sided dice that are used to generate, mark and track the types of Scenery in your Warhammer: Age of Sigmar games.

Each face shows a different type of terrain feature; Damned, Arcane, Inspiring, Deadly, Mystical and Sinister, so that you can generate your scenery, mark it’s type and track it during your game.

Larger 18mm acrylic dice so that they stand out on the tabletop, made with a high gloss finish in Pearlescent white with black lettering.

PreOrder your Age of Sigmar Celestant Prime now from Games Workshop

September 2nd, 2015

Games Workshop has opened preorders for the Celestant Prime for Age of Sigmar.

The wrath of the God-King. The Avenging Angel of Azyr. The Bearer of the World-Hammer. The First Scion of Sigmar – this is the Celestant-Prime. A great king and guardian of men even in mortal life, he has been strengthened by a prodigious infusion of Sigmar’s divine might; but even this power was not enough. Now wielding the Skull Splitter, the Great Shatterer Ghal Maraz, the Celestant-Prime’s fury roars across the battlefields of the realms as an overwhelming clarion call. The thunderous impact of Ghal Maraz can slay a daemon with one blow, setting the spirit within free to make its way to Azyr.

This multi-part plastic kit is everything you need to build one incredible Celestant-Prime miniature. Carrying Ghal Maraz – the legendary Hammer of Sigmar – and a cometstrike sceptre, capable of bringing celestial objects down from the heavens to annihilate foes in a blaze of light and fury, this model is borne aloft on a celestial vortex, features an intricately-detailed cloak, and can be modelled with arms aloft or down by his sides. Forty components in total, includes a Citadel 100mm Round base.

New Age of Sigmar and 30K releases for preorder from Forge World

August 15th, 2015

Forge World have new figures available for preorder for Age of Sigmar and WH30K.

Tamurkhan the Maggot Lord is the new Age of Sigmar figure. Atop his Toad Dragon Bubebolos, he brings all sorts of rotting death and destruction to his foes.

Meanwhile, far in the future (or just in an alternate reality-bubble if you prefer), Lord Commander Eidolon commands the Emperor’s Children to their own form of death and destruction.

Both of these figures can be ordered now and will begin shipping next week.

Lord-Commander-Eidolon Tamurkhan-the-Maggot-Lord