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New Basing sand available from Kromlech

July 2nd, 2015

 Kromlech have a new release which is going to help you to change your plastic base or scenery in to the sandy or rocky ground of battlefield.

Basing Sand – Fine (size of particles 0,1 – 0,5mm)

Basing Sand – Medium (size of particles 0,5-1,2mm)

Basing Sand – Coarse (size of particles 1-1,5mm)

Basing Sand – Gravel (size of particles 1-4mm)

New clear acrylic stands available from AntiMatter Games

May 17th, 2013

AntiMatter Games finally have their new acrylic swim stands for DeepWars coming out in June and available for pre-order. T

he stands allow for a visual representation of swimming in DeepWars, holding models about two inches off the playing surface. Depth levels in the game are indicated with numbers on the base of the stand, where a seaweed marker can be inserted. The stands use a sturdy cross-piece design that is easy to assemble, holding the model bases firmly on the upper tray so they will not topple out. Swim stands are available for all three base sizes (30,40,50mm) and in packs for the Deluxe Starter Sets for each force.

Orders that include the swim stands with other products will ship out once the stands are ready to go.

Antimatter Games releases Swim stands for Deepwars

April 23rd, 2013

Antimatter Games presents their new swim stands for DeepWars.

Here are the new swim stand prototypes. We are ditching the telescoping “pole” style of stand for a much more sturdy and stable acrylic platform. Shown here are the three sizes. The key feature for these is the four depth levels on the base, with a slot to place a small marker, in this case, a little bit a acrylic seaweed. This way nobody forgets their depth level and the figures do not end up a half-meter above the board from stacking other types of stands.

New SupaBases now available from 15mm.co.uk

March 26th, 2013

Following hundreds of requests over the last year Alternative Armies and 15mm.co.uk are proud to announce their brand new range of precision cut 2mm MDF wargame bases called ‘SupaBases’.

Excellent value packs suitable for any wargaming ruleset including Flintloque, Firefight 2.0, MOTH, Erin and Typhon plus a multitude of 15mm scale wargame basing systems too.

Made from high quality MDF and sourced entirely in Scotland.

PK-Pro releases new model snow powder and crushed glass

March 26th, 2013

PK-Pro introduces their new model snow powder and crushed glass.


Model-Snow-Powder Set (Model Snow Powder + Crushed Glass) for realistic mud, powder and deep snow effects.

The advantages of PK Model Snow Powder:
– Chemically inert! No reaction to or with colours, super glue, wood glue, water or other chemicals!
– No colour fade! No yellowing!
– Abrasion-resistant if applied professionally.
– Can be fixed with varnish.
– Glitter efect can be improved with PK Crushed Glass.