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PWork releases The Lifeless Land battle mat

July 29th, 2015

The Wargame Mat Lifeless Land from PWork is an ideal battle mat for fantasy and sci-fi wargames!

This new Wargame Mat represents a desolate planet, where the rocky terrain split by cracks is no longer able to sustain even the simplest life form. Rivers of toxic substances pass through this barren plain, whose steaming vapors create a poisonous fog that cloaks the whole landscape. Only the green luminescence of these substances provides light on this dark and inhospitable land …
The high-quality PVC material and the stunning design make Lifeless Land a must-have accessory for the battles at your favorite wargames!

New Aerial dogfight game mats from Deep Cut Studios

June 25th, 2015

Another new gaming mat release from Deep Cut Studios has been released. Their latest addition to miniature games mats is a dedication to everybody who loves aerial combats.

The mat is available as 4×6 size background or two separate 3×4 size mats that make one continuous 4×6 size image. Manufactured on PVC for heavy duty usage or synthetic cloth for ultra-portability they are a must have for dogfight lovers.

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New Badlands design Gaming Mat from Deep-Cut Studio

June 22nd, 2015

Deep-Cut Studio has a new gaming mat release! They updated the Badlands design, included more sweet details and tailored it to look better on your tables than before.

The new mat comes in PVC or cloth versions and three different sizes (4×6, 4×4 and 3×3) as compared to a single 4×6 size PVC of a previous version.

Infinity battlemat released by Micro Art Studios

September 8th, 2014

Micro Art Studios has released an impressive battle mat designed for Corvus Bellie’s Infinity miniatures game.

The battle mat is a handy 48×48 inch size and are a mixture of polyester and rubber. The top part is a high quality printout on polyester surface. The bottom side is made of rubber to ensure that it does not slip on your game table. It’s similar to the materials used on the bottom of mousepads.

The colour of the printout may vary a little compared to the ones shown in the picture, according to Micro Art. The buildings shown on the picture not included.

It is expected to retail for 49,20 Euro.