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15mm Hellenistic Camp for FOG and DBA Available Now from Baueda

June 1st, 2017

Available now from Baueda is their new 15mm Hellenistic Camp for FOG and DBA!

This is a scale model of a camp fortified using sharpened stakes in the Hellenistic manner, of the type also used by early Republican Roman armies on the march.
With a bit of literary license and considering the scale, it can be used also for all ancient armies based on the Hellenistic model, such as Greek, Macedonian, Syracusan, Pyrrhic, Carthaginians, Republican and earlier Romans, Italians and many others.

it‘s available in two formats: a 120x80mm using high embankments (perfect for DBMM, FOG, AdlG, etc.) and a 120x40mm one using much less substantial earthwork, suitable for DBA.


Baueda releases new 28mm Drums Barrels and Casks

January 22nd, 2017

Baueda Releases New Drums, Barrels, and Casks for your miniatures and RPG tables.

28mm Wooden Drum, barrels and cask (15 pcs.), each Pack includes 3 each of five different size and shapes.

The Romans began to use barrels in the third century C.E., as a result of their commercial and military contacts with the Gauls, who had been making barrels for several centuries. For nearly 2,000 years, barrels were the most convenient form of shipping or storage container for those who could afford the superior price. A large variety of bulk goods, from nails to gold coins, were stored in them.

New 15mm Late Republican Romans From Baueda

September 29th, 2016

Baueda release new 15mm Late Republican Romans miniatures.

Make sure to check this fabulous brand new 15mm Late Republican Roman range! The conquest of Gaul, the invasion of Britain, the Civil War, Spartacus revolt! Caesar, Anthony, Pompey, Crassus, Sertorius: a well researched, high quality and comprehensive range for the most exciting period of Roman history!

Baueda Releases new 15mm Sicilian Normans range

July 27th, 2016

Check out Baueda’s new 15mm Sicilian Normans range, perfect for the 11th and 12th centuries including the first and second Crusade!

These figures have been sculpted by M. Campagna, the range currently cover most core troops but they plan to expand it even further very soon with the addition of yet more packs, including crossbowmen, Saracen and Berber troops.

4.00 EUR per pack of 8 infantry or 4 mounted.
Separate horses are provided at random out of over a dozen different poses to maximize variation!

New Dragon’s Teeth Tank Traps from Baueda

July 30th, 2014

Baueda release their new 15mm Dragon’s Teeth tank traps.  Comes in sections 50mm wide by 100mm deep (2?x 3.9?), designed to be compatible with Flames of War rules: use two of them in a line to make a standard fortification section of 200x50mm, or one in front of the other to make an historically correct and accurately scaled 1/100 (“15mm” wargame scale”) model!

New Sandbag Bunker available from Baueda

September 16th, 2013

Baueda has released a much larger sandbag bunker than the 28mm frontline sentry post they already had in their lineup.

The bunker comes with a separate roof piece and two “L” shaped sections of fortifications plus a small ammo boxes pile. This imposing emplacement can comfortably fit four figures mounted on 25mm round bases inside with some room to spare, so plenty of space to use it as a machine gun nest, for a recoilless gun fortified position or as a command post.

Perfect as the centerpiece of a larger defence system or as a game objective, all the pieces in this set have plenty of beautifully sculpted surface detail to help you in painting, and can be used for basically any conflict from WWII up to the most futuristic settings!

Baueda: new 15mm scenic bases for Flames of War

July 29th, 2013

Baueda has three new sets of scenic rural bases for Flames of War.


Three new codes available now for our 15mm WWII scenic range, the rural bases are back! (Actually not, these are all new models, but they do replace the old, now OOP, ones!)

Code 15A05CB 15mm Medium/Light Artillery scenic bases (rural)

Code 15A06CB 15mm HMG/mortar scenic bases (rural)

Code 15A17CB 15mm large heavy mortar or rocket battery scenic bases (rural)

Cast in our usual extra-tough polyurethane resin in the same size of a FoW bases. All have plenty of beautifully deeply sculpted surface detail to help you in painting, just spray paint, drybush and flock and these are ready to go on the battlefield!

Baueda latest release: 15mm Food stash objective for Flames of War

March 23rd, 2013

Baueda has a new objective piece for you 15mm players, the Food Stash.

Perfect as a game objective marker and designed to be fully compatible with the standard Flames of War base size, this model is cast in a sigle piece tough polyurethane resin. It has everything your army needs to celebrate properly
after victory, all with plenty of beautifully sculpted deeply carved details to help you in painting!

Comes complete with a small scenic base suitable for command units, snipers, observers, etc. selected at random from over 10 different variations.  Supplied unpainted.