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SEAL TEAM FLIX Announced by WizKids

June 11, 2018

SEAL TEAM FLIX is a fully co-operative or solo tactical dexterity game that pits 1-4 players against an eco-terrorist group called, Gaia’s Hope. Players will travel modern through urban landscapes, such as an office building, warehouse, bank vault and three others.

Accuracy plays a huge role in winning, and this game has a prominent dexterity factor that emulates the importance of skill and speed.

The game has two modes: Campaign and Skirmish, in which players embark on an 8-Mission non-linear campaign or simply choose one of the 17 Missions to play as a skirmish. In addition, the game’s difficulty scales both with the number of SEALs playing as well as three optional Difficulty levels.

Each mission is objective-based, with primary and secondary objectives which need to be resolved to successfully complete each mission. For example, in some missions you must locate and acquire intelligence against Gaia’s Hope. In others, you must diffuse time bombs or rescue hostages.

While you are given intelligence at the beginning of each mission as to the number and nature of the objectives that need to be completed, every game will be different because you will never know where on the map they are until you physically locate them with your SEALs.

“Wider Audiences” Flick ’em Up announced

May 24th, 2016

If you didn’t have the chance to play Flick’em Up! that was released at GenCon2015, you might run out of excuses pretty soon, because this July, Z-Man Games will be releasing a brand new “Wider Audience” edition for the game
That’s right! Flick’em Up! was so well received they wanted to make it available to even more gamers and families across the world.
Your favorite flicking game will soon be published in 14 languages which are English, German, French, Dutch, Hungarian, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian. 



?This Wider Audience edition will be published under the Z-Man Games label, and presented in redesigned multiple multi-language boxes for the incredibly low price of $34.99 (US)! The release is scheduled for July 2016, and more details will come shortly.

Pingo Pingo dexterity action game from Iello available now

June 23rd, 2015

Your pirate ship has dropped anchor at the terrible island of Pingo Pingo. Legend says that the island is full of treasure, including the famous Golden Pineapple, but it also says that treasure is fiercely guarded by hordes of fearsome penguin warriors, some of which ride giant polar bears. That potential danger is why you’re alone in your boat, on your own but eager to take a run on the island and try your luck.

For now, only the sound of the waves and the cries of the gulls disturb the peace of this seemingly idyllic island…but as soon as you set foot in the jungle bordering the beach, the drums of war start sounding and you realize that you’ve suddenly gained the status of prey!

Pingo Pingo is a hyper-frenetic action game punctuated by a soundtrack in which you have to react quickly, run, shoot a gun, in which you must be precise, brave, fast, and focused because if not, well, you might not leave the island in one piece. As soon as the soundtrack begins, the game is on!

For 2-5 players aged 6+ with a 15 minute game time.

  • 1 pirate pistol
  • 1 CD
  • 10 darts for the pistol
  • 1 Space Penguin target
  • 1 Bear target
  • 2 Suspension Bridge bases
  • 1 Pirate Ship base
  • 35 Life Point cards
  • 82 Adventure cards
  • 1 rulebook