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Clash of Kings 2018 Available Now from Mantic

Jan 25, 2018

Mantic Games is pleased to announce that the new Clash of Kings supplement is available now. The 72-page supplement includes new units, faction changes, refreshed spells and more for the mass fantasy battle game Kings of War.

After the success of the Clash of Kings supplement in 2017, Mantic went back to the drawing board for the latest edition. Using data from tournaments around the world, the Kings of War Rules Committee looked closely at those units that needed to be re balanced to ensure Kings of War remains competitive (and fun). This means there are more than double the amount of unit amends in the latest edition.

What’s more, after launching the idea of formations in the Edge of the Abyss summer campaign, Clash of Kings 2018 expands upon the idea and introduces brand new formations for all factions in Kings of War. Alongside this there are new Living Legends for a range of armies, including a massive catapult for the goblins and a gigantic Fire Elemental for the Forces of Nature.

But Clash of Kings isn’t the only big change for Kings of War in 2018. Also launching this week are the brand new Battlefield Cards. This deck of cards adds new objectives to battles, random events and new strategies to push your armies to the limit. Using the Battlefield Cards will ensure that no two games ever play the same!

Clash of Kings 2018 Edition has an RRP of £14.99/€19.99/$24.99 while the Battlefield Cards have an RRP of £7.99/€10.99/$12.99. Both are available in stores now.

Kings of War Uncharted Empires available to preorder

October 30th, 2015

Mantica is a rich open world of swords and sorcery, where battles rage across the land and mighty generals seek to save their people from the slaughter, or conquer the world.

Kings of War: Uncharted Empires is an army supplement book now available to preorder from Mantic Games that explores nine never-before-seen factions in Mantica, each with their own history, and dedicated Force List that allows you to play this army in Kings of War, should you have suitable miniatures to represent a force.

Written by Matt Gilbert and the Kings of War Rules Committee – a team of volunteer gamers from the community – Kings of War: Uncharted Empires has had extensive playtesting to make these armies fun, balanced and tournament legal.

Featuring nine Force Lists including Ratkin and Salamander Armies, two new human factions (The Brotherhood and Varangur), two new Undead themed lists, two surprise lists and more!

Mantic posts Kings of War rules for FREE

July 10th, 2015

Mantic are excited about the upcoming launch of Kings of War second edition.  Mantic has been giving away the basic rule set for FREE since the game first came out, and this edition is no different.

However, this time these are going out BEFORE the launch – because they are so confident that if you like mass battle games you’ll love these rules.

July 10th sees the new rules go up for free download. The Kings of War Hardback rulebook will be in-stores 22nd August.

Kings of War launched on Kickstarter

November 16th, 2014

Mantic got their new Kings of War Kickstarter launched and it’s already fully funded and then some.

Kings of War is the two-player fantasy miniatures game where epic armies of brave warriors and devastating cavalry clash against powerful wizards and fantastical monsters – all on your tabletop.

As the general of a mighty army, you will build your force by collecting new units of troops – and lead them to battle using the game’s simple rules, seeking victory and the spoils of war!

This Kickstarter is to fund the 2nd Edition Kings of War Hardback Rulebook, a new tome that will build on the previous edition to create a bigger and better game.

It will include:

Enhanced Game Play – with improvements to the rules to improve the strategy, speed and simplicity in the game.
Refreshed Army Lists – all armies will be updated and rebalanced, and new units and new armies will be added to the core rulebook.
Fantastic New Art – an update to the art library throughout the book to bring the world to life.
Develop the Background – exploring the fantasy world and each of the factions like never before.
and more!

Kings of War 2nd Edition grew out of gamer demand. After thousands of games and numerous tournaments played across the globe over the last 4 years the gaming community saw opportunity to streamline and develop the rules and army lists to an even higher level. The new rule set will allow you to play exciting games with huge armies – from start to finish in an evening. The background will let you engross yourself in the world of Kings of War and its history, and study your opponent’s force and the units at his disposal – so you can plan their defeat!

Mantic previews Hellfire and Stone for Kings of War Miniatures

April 18th, 2014

Mantic Games is previewing their new campaign for Kings of War called Hellfire and Stone.

The book is 48 pages long and focuses around the War of the Quartz Sceptre, brought to life through six playable scenarios. The Hellfire & Stone campaign is not only designed for players with existing Dwarf and Abyssal Dwarf armies, but for those who would like to collect these forces from scratch. You begin the campaign fielding only a few units, and are encouraged to build up and paint your new army between games.

Mantic Games has their new Basileans available for pre-order

July 24th, 2013

Mantic Games has now put its next new Kings of War army up for advance order – yes, the Basileans are here!

An army of Paladins, Angels and nuns riding panthers, the Basileans are the first fantasy human army released by Mantic Games. There’s a whole range available, with seven new units plus several characters and a book.

Goblin Fleebag riders for Kings of War, from Mantic Games

July 3rd, 2013

July isn’t all about the big brutes the Ogres at Mantic Games, they’re revisiting their little green Goblin friends with some new additions; some pretty  cool new cavalry… the Fleabag Riders!


With Speed 10, Nimble and Crushing  Strength (1) they are a versatile attacking unit with 16 attacks. At 120  points they’re pretty good value, especially when you start combining  them with Magic Artefacts such as the Brew of Haste for +1 Speed or the  Mace of Crushing for increased Crushing Strength!

The Goblins are now available to pre-order from the Mantic Webstore and will begin shipping on the 29th July.

Mantic taking advance orders for new Orcs for Kings of War

June 20th, 2013

Mantic Orcs have been a popular range ever since they were released two years ago, and now they’re getting a boost! As well as the Trolls, Chariot and Fight Wagon that are being released, the Orc Ax Horde has now been repackaged to contain 40 models rather than 30 – for the same price! Yes, that’s more models for the exact same price. Refreshing, right?

There are also two Orc Army Deals available through the Mantic Website, both of which give you a full gaming army. Grak’s Skulltaker Horde is a full 1800 point army for only £149.99!

It’s going to be a great Summer for Kings of War players; this is just the start…