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Krosmaster Arena 2.0 Available Now!

October 24th, 2016

The highly-anticipated Krosmaster Arena 2.0 has been released by CMON Games and Ankama.

You can now step into the oversized shoes of one of the Demons, select a team of adventurers, and have them battle in an arena for your own twisted amusement.

The second edition of Krosmaster Arena features eight exclusive characters from DOFUS the movie, each represented by highly-detailed and fully-painted miniatures. The arena itself is transformed into a three-dimensional battlefield full of obstacles and scenery that will have you stretching your tactical muscles to gain an advantage. Krosmaster Arena is played over a series of turns in which players can move their arena fighters, or Krosmasters, around the battlefield and attack opponents. You’ll spend Movement and Action points to corner your opposition, hopefully landing some critical blows. Your adventurers won’t be limited to battling with just their fists. Each character has their own set of Attack Spells that can be very effective in combat. Not only that, they also wield Special Powers that will come in handy in a number of different situations. The team you assemble is going to have some built in strategy based on the Spells and Powers they possess. This makes the choice of characters pretty darn important. The goal is to KO your opponents by reducing their hit points to zero. The fight to be the last one standing will be a fierce one.

Krosmaster Arena available on Steam

November 11th, 2015

BECOME MASTER OF THE KROSMOZ! Challenge players over the world in a tactical board game of strategy and epic battles! Discover more than a hundred fighters and face down your enemies in ruthless battles. A virtual Krosmaster Arena is available now for your PC, Mac and Linux system powered by Steam

Challenge players from the world over in a tactical board game that seamlessly blends strategy and epic battles! Discover more than a hundred COLLECTIBLE fighters, ready to face down your enemies in ruthless battles where anything can happen! CREATE YOUR TEAM of heroes and prepare to rule the battlefield. Against the Krosmaster bosses or player versus player, plan your move… and HIT HARD!

You’ll have to defeat 6 Krosmaster Arena bosses to find out whether you are a strategic mastermind! But do you have what it takes to stand up to these tough guys?
PVP ARENAS FULL OF DANGEROUS SURPRISES! Want to pit yourself against Krosmaster Arena’s greatest players? Arena mode was made for you. Select your best Krosmasters for your team, and take on a real challenge. Your opponent might be on the other side of the world… but that won’t mean they’ll spare you! Surpass yourself and become master of the Krozmoz!

Japanime Games running Krosmaster Arena expansion Kickstarter

November 23rd, 2013

Japanime Games has a Kickstarter campaign running for their first big expansion to Krosmaster Arena, Frigost.

Winter is coming! Krosmaster: Arena is coming back with an all new expansion! Help Japanime Games get the English edition of Krosmaster: Arena Frigost out early in 2014, along with a great new set of tokens and promotional figures!

Welcome to Frigost. Home of the cold-hearted Count Harebourg and the site of the first Extension for Krosmaster: Arena. The Demons of the Hours and Minutes have selected this desolate region as your next battleground and they are particularly excited for the new dangers awaiting you. Give them a good show, but be sure to keep your head!

Krosmaster : Arena to be released in June

May 5th, 2013

Following their highly successful Kickstarter campaign, Japanime Games has scheduled Krosmaster : Arena to be released in June.  MSRP will be about $80 and it comes with 8 pre-painted miniatures.

Krosmaster: Arena is a game about gladiatorial combat.

Players create their team using a point-based system, drafting mechanic, or random draw. Each figure will have various talents at their disposal, and an associated point cost for drafting.

Japanime Games launches Krosmaster : Arena on Kickstarter

March 26th, 2013

Japanime Games has just launched Krosmaster: Arena on Kickstarter a week ago and it’s already funded over 300%!

Krosmaster : Arena Krosmaster Arena is a miniatures board game that is designed around using cute anime warriors to take on your opponents!

Play in a Player vs Player-oriented board game that offers the craftiest tacticians among you the chance to challenge other players in heated battle. All players build their team using a pre-deterimined method, either a point system, draft, or at random. Utilize your team’s various talents and abilities to create a powerful fighting force. Every figure has a point value attached to it to help balance things out. Only those who are able to create a strong, yet versatile, strategy will prevail!