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Osprey Games Announces Wildlands Fantasy Miniatures Game

Feb 22, 2018

Osprey Games is delighted to announce its first miniatures board game, Martin Wallace’s Wildlands, scheduled for worldwide release in Q4 2018.

In this fantasy game for two to four players, rival factions struggle for power in the ruins of a once-great kingdom, now known simply as the Wildlands. Each skirmish sees players attempt to outwit, outmanoeuvre, and overpower their opponents as they fight for riches and glory, scoring points by defeating enemy characters and collecting treasure. Familiarity with your favoured faction will help, but adaptability is the key to victory, as a semi-randomized set-up and double-sided board means that no two battles will tell the same tale.

The vivid world of Wildlands is brought to life through the artwork, board, and the twenty unique miniatures included in the game. Sculpted by Bobby Jackson and Tim Prow, they portray a wide range of characters, from powerful wizards and cunning gnomes to hulking beasts and mighty warriors.

The great evil has fallen, and has taken the capital with it. Where once there was a kingdom, there is now only the WildlandsIn a lawless fantasy world, you must band together for survival, treasure, or maybe even glory. Players control rival factions, each with a unique deck of cards dictating their abilities across the battlefield. Some focus on ranged prowess, some on raw strength, and others on the bond between characters, offering a wide range of playstyles to explore.

Cryptozoic Announces the Release of The Arrival

Feb 14, 2018

Cryptozoic Entertainment, in partnership with Game’s Up: Board Game Heroes, announced the February 21 release of The Arrival. Created by famed designer Martin Wallace, the strategy board game puts 2-4 players in the roles of Tribe Leaders as they vie with each other and the demon-like Fomori for control of ancient Ireland. The unique gameplay includes two different victory conditions as determined by whether the Tribe Leaders or the Fomori control more of the map at the end of play. Cryptozoic’s wide release of the acclaimed game, previously released in limited quantities at the Essen Game Fair in 2016, upgrades the art, improves various components, and adds a new Advanced Game variant.

The original release of Martin Wallace’s The Arrival earned the Seal of Excellence from The Dice Tower, the highly regarded YouTube channel and audio podcast about tabletop games. Cryptozoic’s version adds brighter, more stylish art from Kamila Szutenberg that takes it inspiration from the game’s Irish fantasy premise. In addition, this release of the game makes adjustments to the board (including the placement of the Corruption and Round Tracks) and other components in order to improve the flow of play.

In The Arrival, each round is comprised of two phases of play. During the Earning Phase, each player decides which row of earnings to acquire across all four of his or her cards, even though the player is not able to see all of them. If players try to earn more Resources to help spread their Tribes, they also gain undesirable Corruption Points and Fomori in the process. In contrast, if players aim to acquire Honor Points, they also gain fewer Resources and therefore risk losing ground to the other Tribes and the Fomori. During the Action Phase, players can Build or Shield fortifications, Repel or Spread the Fomori, and more. Strategy is key as the winner is either the one with the highest Honor or lowest Corruption, depending on whether the Tribes or the Fomori control more locations at the conclusion of play.

Cryptozoic’s release of the game adds an Advanced Game variant that gives each player’s Tribe Leader a special ability, such as gaining extra actions, not paying the costs of some actions, or having extra-strong fortifications.

The Arrival will be available at retailers nationwide February 21 for a suggested retail price of $40.

Route 666 announced by Asmodee

April 22nd, 2016

Route 666 is the upcoming zombie road-trip game by acclaimed designer Martin Wallace and published by Asmodee.

Fast-paced, fun, and morbidly kitschy, Route 666 allows you and up to three friends to travel through a zombie-filled deck of adventure cards, challenging you not only to survive the full journey from Chicago to L.A. but to be the survivor with the most victory points.

Part survival game, part horror story, Route 666 boasts tension and irony in equal measure. You set off on a road trip to L.A., only to find yourself caught in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. But that won’t ruin your vacation!

In Route 666, you’ll fight zombie hordes. You’ll scavenge for gas and bullets. You’ll race your friends. And you’ll see the American countryside… the darkened, tainted American countryside, littered with shambling undead, haunted carnivals, and plumes of toxic gas.

And if you can get past all of that? It’s fun, armored tanks, and beach parties in sunny L.A.!


A Study in Emerald on Kickstarter

April 26th, 2013

A Study in Emerald is a new Martin Wallace game based upon a short story by Neil Gaiman.  The game combines elements of deck building, card drafting, bidding and area control.  It’s currently going through a Kickstarter program.

‘A Study in Emerald’ the board game takes as its inspiration the world conjured up by Neil Gaiman in the award winning short story. This is an alternative reality where fiction has become fact. The Old Ones have not only returned but have been ruling the earth for centuries. Opposition is rising, though, as humanity fights between itself to decide its future. Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty are but two figures caught in this struggle.

Martin Wallace has concocted possibly his most subtle, complex, and downright evil design yet. If you know what you’re doing after the third game then you have not understood the rules!

The game takes an original slant on the deck-building mechanic. Instead of buying the cards you want you have to bid for them with influence. The range of cards is massive, with only a few duplicates. You can employ secret agents to carry out your plans, or quietly subvert a city to your control, call up monsters from other dimensions to destroy your enemies, or raise an army of zombies. No two games will ever be the same.

study in emerald cards

This game will initially only be available via Kickstarter or direct from Treefrog Games, it will not be going into general distribution. We may or may not publish a second edition of the game for general distribution, but if we do the earliest you are likely to see it is 2015.