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WizKids Announces MtG: Heroes of Dominaria Board Game

August 9, 2018

WizKids will be releasing Magic: The Gathering: Heroes of Dominaria, their new board game set in the iconic land of Dominaria in both a standard and premium version.

In this Eurogame designed for 2 to 4 players, explore Magic’s most iconic plane and experience the trials and tribulations of being a heroic force on Dominaria. Visit storied locations such as Llanowar, Urborg, and Keld. Draw mana from the world to power abilities and recruit heroes to aid in quests. Discover powerful artifacts and create leylines to draw even more mana from distant lands. Build sites to increase your bond with a location. The land of Dominaria is filled with adventure and excitement! In true Eurogame fashion, use strategy to score the most victory points and emerge victorious.

What’s Different? – Standard vs. Premium Ed.

The Premium edition includes 4 fully-painted miniatures in addition to all of the content included in the standard edition.

Explorers of Ixalan Multiplayer Magic: The Gathering Board/Card Game Released

Nov 26, 2017

Just released by Wizards of the Coast, Explorers of Ixalan is a multiplayer Magic: The Gathering game with a board component.

Play as one one of four rival tribes: Vampires, Pirates, Merfolk, or Dinosaurs, each with a custom card deck. Defend the city against your opponents and claim dominion over Ixalan!

Explore the tile-based map, uncovering bonuses that will swing the tide of battle in your favor! Explorers of Ixalan is a multiplayer free-for-all battle, so don’t let your opponents conquer your site tiles! These map tiles bring the game to different locations across Ixalan each granting unique bonuses. The inner jungles of Ixalan conceal many powerful secrets!


What can you do with your now Banned Mythic Rare M:TG Card?

January 15th, 2017

What can you do with your Mythic Rare Magic: the Gathering card that was just banned from tournament play? White Wizard Games recommends you send them that no longer valid card to them in exchange for a free copy of Epic Card Game.

When Wizards of the Coast announced a new list of banned and restricted cards from Standard play on January 9th, Rob Dougherty and Darwin Kastle of White Wizard Games — both Magic the Gathering Pro Tour Champions and inductees into the Magic Pro Tour Hall of Fame — decided to offer an exchange deal for two of the rare cards banned from play. Emrakul, the Promised End, a mythic rare card which sold for around $20 was banned for being too “scarily powerful”, facing little resistance and ending games too quickly. “She was the world-ending, all-powerful monster she was in the story, which was too much for Standard,” reads the announcement from Wizards of the Coast. Smuggler’s Copter, a rare card that sold for about $10, was banned because it “shows up in too many decks, diminishing the format’s diversity,” according to WotC.

In an announcement about the promotion, Nathan Davis of White Wizard Games writes, “When your $10 rare gets banned from Standard, that is a bad feeling. When your $20 mythic rare gets banned, that is an even worse feeling.”

Brazilian players who purchased a copy of any of the banned cards between December 10th and January 9th at Bazar de Bagdá, one of Brazil’s largest MtG game stores, may return those cards to the store and be refunded in store credit. Willy Edel, owner of Bazar de Bagdá, is also a Pro Tour Player and in the Magic the Gathering Hall of Fame.

WotC announce Eternal Masters

February 19th, 2016

Take a step outside time with Eternal Masters. This exciting set lets you draw on some of the most sought-after cards from throughout the history of Magic—some with new artwork—to enhance your Cube or your favorite Commander, Vintage, and Legacy decks.

Eternal Masters for Magic: The Gathering from Wizards of the Coast is designed to be a unique and enjoyable Draft experience, much like Modern Masters. It will not contain cards from the Reserved List, but it will feature many exciting Eternal staples, including:

MtG Puzzle Quest on Mobile devices

December 12th, 2015

Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest is now available for your smart-phone.

The original match-3 RPG! comes to the Multiverse in Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest.  Recruit your favorite Planeswalkers, build powerful decks and defeat your enemies in match-3 battles!  Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest adds the extensive universe of the acclaimed TCG to the engrossing gameplay of the Puzzle Quest franchise, as players participate in quests, daily events and tournaments for epic rewards.

Test your skills as you craft the perfect deck and climb to the top of the leaderboards in competitive player-versus-player combat! Prepare and strategize what creatures and spells are needed to overcome an ever-growing collection of single player challenges.

Build a worthy deck and battle some of Magic: The Gathering’s most deadly forces. Powerful spells such as Tragic Arrogance or ferocious creatures like Avaricious Dragon await combat on the match-3 battlefield.

Choose the most powerful Planeswalkers in the Multiverse and build a deck worthy of these formidable mages. Stay several steps ahead of your enemy with Jace, the master of deception or unleash the explosive fury of Chandra, the pyromantic fire mage.

Use your Planeswalker’s unique abilities like Chandra’s Flameshot to annihilate your enemies, or Liliana’s Necromancy to raise the dead. Level up your Planeswalker and spells to crush your foes

Magic: The Gathering Battle for Zendikar 2015 Gift Box and new Commander Decks

September 19th, 2015

The Eldrazi are coming . . . for the holidays. And they’re bringing a present!
It’s the time of year for Wizards of the Coast to release a new holiday gift box for all your card-holding needs. This year the theme is Battle for Zendkiar.
Whatever the fate of Zendikar may be, you can get your hands on this product come November for an MSRP of $24.99

The box is beautiful and it contains what you’ve come to expect:

  • 5 Battle for Zendikar booster packs
  • 1 Storage Box for over 2,000 Magic cards
  • 20 Battle for Zendikar basic lands
  • 6 Illustrated plastic dividers
  • 1 Sticker sheet (labels for the dividers)
  • 1 Battle for Zendikar alternate art card

Also coming in November are the new Commander Decks. There will be five decks coming out, but they will be dual-color instead of tri-color. Commanders will also come with experience counters so they can grow in power each time you play. Each deck will have 15 new, never-before-seen cards.

The full contents of a Commander deck is:

  • 100-card Commander deck
  • 1 Oversized Foil Commander card
  • 10 Double-sided tokens
  • 1 Deck storage box
  • 1 Deck strategy insert
  • 1 Rules reference card

Magic The Gathering: Arena of the Planeswalkers releases Aug 1st

June 18th, 2015

The wait forMtG: Arena of the Planeswalkers is almost over!

The game will be hitting store shelves on August 1st for a retail of $29.99.

The full box contents are as follows:

  • 5 Planeswalker figures (Gideon, Jace, Liliana, Chandra, Nissa)
  • 30 Squad figures
  • 6 Cardboard terrain boards
  • Two 3-Hex sand tiles
  • Two 1-Hex sand tiles
  • 2 Ruins
  • 4 Glyph
  • 30 Damage markers
  • One 20-sided die
  • 10 Combat dice
  • 15 Army cards
  • 60 Spell cards
  • 1 Turn marker
  • 1 Game guide

Magic: The Gathering: Duel Decks: Jace vs. Vraska

January 27th, 2014

Coming to retailers on March 14th for $19.99 (Suggested retail price) is the Jace vs. Vraska Duel Deck for Magic : The Gathering.

This deck is a great way for 2 players to dive right into Magic: The Gathering CCG.

The box contains:

  • 2 ready-to-play 60-card decks
  • 2 deck boxes
  • 3 creature tokens
  • 1 strategy insert
  • 1 learn-to-play guide

Among those 120 cards is ten rare cards and two mythic rare cards: foil alternate art versions of Jace, Architect of Thought and Vraska the Unseen.

The history of Ravnica has long been shaped by the struggle for supremacy among its ten feuding guilds. A tenuous peace keeps the power of the guilds in balance, but they would need little excuse to reignite the smoldering coals of a conflict that could engulf Ravnica’s world-spanning city.

Jace Beleren, a mind mage who has adopted Ravnica as his home, has seen to it that the delicate peace holds. He has become the Living Guildpact, the embodiment of the guilds’ agreement to share power, and he works tirelessly to preserve that peace.

The deadly gorgon Vraska, a Planeswalker who was born on Ravnica, is an assassin for hire who follows her own arcane moral code. She is a master of her trade, killing her marks and then disappearing into the tunnels of Ravnica’s vast undercity. Though she works mostly with the Golgari guild, she is bound by no permanent allegiance.

In the wrong hands, Vraska’s skills could destabilize an entire world. With a few key assassinations, suspicions would lead to accusations, and accusations could lead to war. Jace, the caretaker of Ravnica’s peace, refuses to let that happen.