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Mysterium released for iOS, Android and PC

January 14th, 2017

Asmodee Digital, an international publisher and distributor of digital games and Playsoft, a world-renowned game developer, have announced the release of Mysterium for iOS, Android and PC. Mysterium, winner of numerous awards such as the Golden Geek and As d’Or 2016 Game of the Year, has been captivating players since its tabletop launch with more than 300,000 units sold worldwide. Created by Oleksandr Nevskiy and Oleg Sidorenko and published by Libellud, Mysterium has become a board game staple in many households. Today, thanks to the brilliant work of Asmodee Digital and Playsoft, the mystery of the Warwick Mansion ghost comes to life on iOS, Android and PC devices in an accurate and beautiful digital adaptation.

Mysterium is a cooperative deduction game that challenges players to solve a crime that was committed on the grounds of Warwick manor. One player takes on the role of a restless ghost who is tasked with revealing the guilty character to a team of psychics. The other players make up this team of psychics, receiving visions and interpreting them to the best of their abilities in order to narrow down the list of suspects. But, the time is ticking—if players take too long to discover the truth, the bridge between the mortal and supernatural worlds disappears and the tormented ghost must sadly wait another year for its soul to pass on!

“Mysterium was born out of love for the dark and unsettling, which the paranormal world perfectly encapsulates” says Alexandre David, Asmodee Digital Product Manager. “Our aim was to create a flawless digital adaptation for the fans and at the same time devise a mysterious and brooding game with fun and excitement that everyone could enjoy.”

Mysterium allows players from all over the world to investigate together in multiplayer mode and cooperate through an in-game chat that enables fellow players to point out visual clues on a card. Players can also share their visions with other psychics and approve or reject their choices with clairvoyance tokens. In Mysterium, up to 7 players can join together for fun and engaging games. And for those who wish to enter the manor alone, a story mode offers players the possibility to discover the culprit, the murder location, and the weapon through a several hours-long investigation filled with exciting twists and turns.

Mysterium is available now on iOS and Android for $6.99 and on Steam for $9.99.

Mysterium and Potion Explosion coming to Digital

November 27th, 2016

Asmodee Digital has announced that digital version of both Mysterium and Horrible Games‘ Potion Explosion will be coming in December of this year.

Mysterium will be released for both the PC and mobile devices in conjunction with Playsoft Games. Prices for iOS and Android will be $6.99 and Steam will be $9.99. 

Potion Explosion will be available for iOS and Android for $6.99, and is being published with the help of Studio Clangore.

Asmodee Digital is proud to present the digital adaptation of the award-winning magical game Potion Explosion, by Horrible Games. Developed by Studio Clangore as a faithful digital version of the board game, it will be available on mobile devices in December. Attend the Horribilorum Sorcery Academy for Witty Witches and Wizards and attempt to become the head of the class by creating incredible potions!

mysterium digital asmodee

Mysterium the Digital Adaptation

Mysterium: Hidden Signs available to purchase

July 9th, 2016

Return to Warwick Manor with Asmodee and the new expansion for Mysterium; Hidden Signs.

Nothing has been the same since the séance last Halloween at the Warwick Manor. The other psychics agree, and have been keeping a close eye on the place ever since. Now though, the current residents have begun noticing a strange and not entirely human presence again, leaving only one thing to do. After consulting with the other clairvoyants, it has been agreed: another trip to the manor is in order. Something must have been overlooked—but what? They had all thought the murder solved… but who can say what gets lost in translation between the world of the living and the dead? 

New information has come to light in the murder case at Warwick’s Manor! Uncovering the truth will require all of your psychic abilities. Are you up for the challenge?

Assemble your clairvoyant friends once again for another séance to discover what really happened in Warwick Manor, and free the ghost whose spirit has been trapped in Hidden Signs, available for purchase

Asmodee releases Mysterium

February 21st, 2016

If you haven’t yet tried Mysterium, now’s your chance to witness the supernatural for yourself.

Mysterium, released by Asmodee, is a fully cooperative game that challenges psychic investigators to solve a decades-old murder mystery, you will team up with your friends to commune with the victim’s ghost through a series of surreal visions. Tasked with interpreting these dreamscapes to find out the details of the ghost’s grisly demise, your team of investigators will race against the clock to solve the mystery and lay the poor soul to rest. Or, if playing as the ghost, you will have to deliver inspiring visions to your beleagured allies in the hopes that they’ll find the hint they need buried somewhere within your mysterious messages.

A game that inspires the imagination and puts your deduction skills to the test, Mysterium offers a truly unique tabletop experience.