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One Page Rules releases Superheavies and Fliers for 1p40K

August 3rd, 2016

After almost 2 years of requests, One Page Rules finally released one of the most important updates for 1p40k. With this release they are not only introducing Superheavy and Flyer units, but also rules for truly massive games which are still fast and fun!

This release consists of 3 parts:

Apocalypse Rules – These rules were designed with large games in mind, think 3000pts and more. They streamline all aspects of the game to make unit activation quicker, which keeps such huge games manageable. If you really like them you can also use them for much smaller games of course, which will speed them up even more.

Superheavies – Not only are we releasing Superheavy units for some of our existing factions, but we are also releasing a new faction with the Imperial Knights. Due to the nature of these units they can be quite unbalanced, so we recommend telling your opponent before the game that you are bringing a Superheavy so that he can prepare.

Flyers – Zooming in from the skies flyers add an interesting twist to 1p40k. We tried to keep the rules familiar whilst making them balanced, so adding flyers should work well at any game size.

Genestealer Cult and Space Marine Chapters from One Page Rules

July 25th, 2016

Get ready to bow down before your multi-armed masters!

One Page Rules are releasing rules for the Genestealer Cult for both 1p40k and 1pKT. They are also releasing rules for Space Marine Chapters which had been left out of 3rd edition.

There are no official stand-alone models right now, but you can get your genestealer cult army through the Deathwatch Overkill boxed game. This will not only get you genestealer cult models but also a small assortment of space marine models from various chapters!

1p40 Main Rulebook v3.1.2

  • Added Space Marine Chapters army page
  • Added Genestealer Cult army page

1pKT Main Rulebook v3.0.1

  • Added Space Marine Chapters army page
  • Added Genestealer Cult army page

Get the games here:

Happy Wargaming!

One Page Rules release Page of Sigmar

June 10th, 2015

Page of Sigmar from One Page Rules is now available to check out and download. They’ve also made a statement about their rules based on Warhammer Fantasy Battles stating that their rules for One Page Fantasy Battles and One Page Fantasy Skirmish will continue on.

Page of Sigmar is a new take on the AoS rules, condensing everything into just 1 page and modifying the rules to create a deeper tactical experience. The rule set adds many important things, such as new victory conditions based on capturing objectives, and expanded terrain rules so you can use all of your scenery with ease.

All of this has been done in such a way that you can play Page of Sigmar using all of the current warscrolls that are officially released by GW, meaning that all of your WHFB and AoS miniatures are supported. This also means that as new warscrolls are released by GW you don’t have to wait for us to adapt them, as everything is compatible with Page of Sigmar.

Because of the sheer amount of warscrolls available they are not going to be able to release any sort of point costs for the warscrolls. They recommend playing with roughly the same amount of miniatures and unit types to keep things balanced.

One Page Rules release Adeptus Mechanicus for 1p40K and 1pKT

June 21st, 2015

Now that GW has rolled out the second wave of admech miniatures One Page Rules are happy to announce the release of the Adeptus Mechanicus for 1p40k and 1pKT!

This new army comes with a ton of new weapons and special rules, making for a very interesting adversary on the battlefield. They’re also fixing a bunch of minor mistakes and updating some units here and there. Here is the changelog:

1p40k/KT – Added the Adeptus Mechanicus / Skitarii faction

1pKT – Psykers can now have max. 4 power dice

Tyranids – Revised the Mine Launcher and Explosive Head special rules; Updated Biovores to reflect these new changes

1pFB/FS – Gorebulls now have Quality 4+; Brenchwraiths are now Heroes

One Page Rules updates their “40K” units and more

May 14th, 2015

One Page Rules provides yet another option for your miniatures gaming needs. They have updated their rules sets to bring you new units that have been coming out that had not yet been represented in their games. One Page 40k got the biggest update of the bunch, bringing you several new units, as well as making a new army all on their own. Several other units also got a bit of a balancing.

In terms of the new army, that would be the Harlequins. They’re no longer part of the Eldar army list, but are one on their own. All of the new units have also been added to the roster. Tyranids also got a bit of a bump in force numbers, with 5 new additions.

General changes include things like vehicles only rolling once on the damage table, even if they take multiple wounds at once, a rewording of Waagh! for the Orks, Space Marine Captains gain Tactics and their Chaplains now have Tough. Taking a trip over to the Fantasy side, Vampire Counts had their Blood Knights point cost fixed.

One Page Rules updates Warstuff to V1.5

May 8th, 2015

One Page Rules released WarStuff not really happy with the rules as they were written so they have updated WarStuff to what they are calling version 1.5.

Hi everyone,

When we released WarStuff two weeks ago we didn’t expect so many people to be excited by the concept. Since then we have received a lot of feedback of people that saw potential in the game, but were not truly satisfied with its mechanics.

And to be honest we were not totally satisfied with the game either when we released it, so getting all this feedback gave us the last push to actually do something about it. Well today we are releasing a new re-vamped version of WarStuff which we affectionately call v1.5.

The game has changed substantially, so we recommend everyone carefully read this new version before assuming certain rules stayed the same. The biggest changes are to the combat mechanics and the special rules, so pay close attention to those.

Additionally we are adding a new way to play WarStuff, which we call Last Stand.

Last Stand is a new game mode where you and your friends cooperate in fighting off waves of AI enemies in a struggle for survival. As the game progresses your heroes will get more experience and grow, whilst more and stronger enemies are added to each new wave.

So, are you ready for heroic battles against relentless masses of enemies? Are you up to the task of surviving against all odds? Then step up to the challenge and enjoy the Last Stand!

One Page Rules releases WarStuff – a system agnostic miniatures ruleset

April 24th, 2015

One Page Rules are excited to release the final ruleset in their series of system-agnostic games: WarStuff.

WarStuff is a skirmish wargame that you can play with anything you like. It was designed with pick-up games and conventions in mind, where players might have miniatures from very different collections and usually wouldn’t be able to play together, but with WarStuff they can!

The game can be played with any miniatures, and actually with even more than miniatures. You can have space nazis fight plastic dinosaurs, superman battle against space marines, or even just see your candy-bars duke it out, anything goes!

One Page Rules updates Army Men Combat rules

March 30th, 2015

Over the past months One Page Rules have been receiving a lot of feedback for Army Men Combat, and with the newest update t hey hope to expand the game in the direction the fans have been asking for.

The biggest thing people asked for was more unit variety, so in v1.1 we are adding a bunch of stuff. We have added rookie and veteran units to give you more variety of infantry types, which should allow you to play new scenarios (for example spec-ops vs. guerrillas). We have expanded tanks to come in 3 varieties: light, medium and heavy, which should allow you to have a better differentiation and create more exciting tank battles. Finally we have added rules for helicopters and airplanes, which should give you even more variety of things to play with.

Apart from re-working units, we also decided to try and improve the core rules a little. We have re-worked the layout of the rules, and have altered the way difficult terrain and elevation works a little. Additionally we are introducing a new activation system which makes things a little more unpredictable whilst balancing out player activations.

That’s it for this update! Remember that whilst Army Men Combat was written with green army men in mind it can be played with anything, from your 40k miniatures to your WW2 miniatures.