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Ogre: Operation 218

March 21st, 2015

Steve Jackson Games is proud to announce Ogre: Operation 218, in partnership with Your Move Games’ Chad Ellis, publisher of The Battle for Hill 218.

After running a successful Kickstarter campaign to reprint The Battle for Hill 218 card-based strategy game, Your Move Games turned to Steve Jackson Games for an Ogre twist on the original premise – how does an army of infantry and tanks take down a giant, artificially intelligent cybertank before it destroys everyone?

Ogre: Operation 218 marries Ogre’s classic world with the card-based play style of The Battle for Hill 218 for an all-new game!

“I first played Hill 218 at BGGCon late in 2007 and immediately bought a copy. The chance to produce an Ogre-themed version of The Battle for Hill 218 is one of those ‘yes, please’ opportunities that we don’t get every day,” said Philip Reed, CEO of Steve Jackson Games.

For Ellis, bringing Ogre and The Battle for Hill 218 together was an easy decision. “The Battle for Hill 218 is one of those rare games that I never get tired of playing, and I hear the same from players all over the world,” said Ellis. “Steve Jackson Games is a perfect partner to make that happen and Ogre is a great game to move into the Hill 218 engine. The only downside is that I’ll end up spending my royalties on GURPS books, but I can live with that.”