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New Orc Banner Bearer Available from Kromlech

Jan 8, 2018

Follow The Banner, Glory Awaits !

This multi part set contains one 40mm round scenic resin base and one Orc Greatcoat Banner Bearer armed with double-barreled submachine gun and a banner.
A veteran of many battles who is bigger, stronger and more aggressive then his fellow Greenskins is granted an honour of carrying a Warchief warbanner into battle.

Orc Greatcoat Banner Bearer is designed to fit other 28mm heroic scale orcs minis.

Iron Reich Warchief Revealed by Kromlech

Nov 1, 2017

Kromlech are proud to present you their final Orctober release, the Iron Reich Warchief!

The biggest, the smartest, the strongest and the most wrathful of all Greatcoat Orcs from Iron Reich. A true leader for the green horde that gathers to invade any enemy.

This multi part resin set contains one Iron Reich Warchief. You can assembly him with HMG or brutal axe in one hand while the other hand is equiped with massive crusher. This model is approximately 48mm height. 40mm plastic base included. Designed to fit 28mm heroic scale wargames.

28mm Orc Chirurgeon on Bike Model from Kromlech

Oct 31, 2017

Orktober is slowly heading to its end but Kromlech still have some goodies for you!

Introducing their Orc Chirurgeon on bike model.

This multi part resin set contains one Orc Chirurgeon on a bike with accompanying Goblin Nurses in a sidecar. Resin scenic base included.

Designed to fit 28mm heroic scale wargames. This is a big set (mounted on 105mm oval base), highly detailed and full of character (check out all those Goblin Nurses in a sidecar ). A true centerpiece model for your Orc army.

Orc Blitzer Now Available from Punga Miniatures

Oct 28, 2017

Punga Miniatures has released a new Orc Blitzer for your Fantasy Football Minis Team.

His hand is armed with a cestus, and on the belt is a Patu club.

Punga miniatures wants to launch a campaign on a crowdfunding platform such as kickstarter or indiegogo, to have the ability to make an extended team

Their goal now is to get enough followers to make a successful crowdfunding campaign. They think that with more than 400 followers, they will have good chances andcan start a campaign.
Therefore, if you like their orcs and you want to help, join to their FB page.

Fantasy Football teams available at Flatminis as 2D plastic miniatures

December 9th, 2016

Flatminis released orc and human fantasy football teams as their 2D preprinted plastic miniatures.

You can find all essential characters for both teams, each miniature with its own distinct features and character.

These minis sound like a great way to try the new game or explore new teams before deciding if you really want to own them. Plus there are so much more at www.flatminis.com to fill the ranks with.

Kromlech Releases New Orc Incinerator Team

July 11th, 2016

Are there any Orc fans here?! If yes, then Kromlech has something for you; A new release and it’s bloody hot!

Introducing the new Orc Incinerator Team in 28mm.

This set contains five fearless Orc Incinerator Team armed in flamers. Inside a pack you will find 5 orc armoured greatcoat bodies designed for this team with a set of bits dedicated for each body. There is also a set of 5 heads which you can glue as you wish among those bodies.

Orc Terrain deal from LaserCutCard

January 26th, 2015

LaserCutCard is offering an entire table’s worth of orc scenery at a great price. Just the thing for gaming clubs or competition organisers.

The bundle offer includes:

1 expanded orc fort
• 1 x gatehouse set
• 1 x wall sections set
• 2 x towers sets

1 orc bastion
• 1 x orc bastion set

1 expanded orc settlement
• 2 x orc scrap shack sets (6 shacks in total)
• 2 x orc boss huts
• 1 x mek hut
• 1 x water tower
• 1 x watchtower set (2 watchtowers)