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Two New RPG Adventures available from Penguin Comics

November 23rd, 2016

PenguinComics.com released two new generic RPG adventures! These are the first two adventures in a new series of generic adventures from PenguinComics.com

HIDDEN is a tech-noir / cyberpunk adventure created for roleplaying games like Shadowrun and the like. However NO specific game rules are included. The adventure is generic and may be played with ANY science-fiction roleplaying game that takes place in the future and includes cyberspace and cyborgs.

THE BEAST is a fantasy dungeon crawler created for roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons and the like. But as with HIDDEN, NO specific game rules are included. This adventure is also completely generic and may be played with ANY fantasy rule system.

Both adventures are priced $1 USD EACH for the PDF download from DriveThruRPG.

Both adventures work perfectly with their own Drudge RPG rule system.

Relentless Corpse Sect available now for Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate RPG

October 6th, 2016

The Relentless Corpse Sect is a new Martial Sect for the Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate role playing game from Bedrock Games.

Relentless Corpse Queen rules her sect with an iron fist, using an insidious venom to turn her admirers into slave-disciples. Aided by her sister and her sister’s husband, she is bent on revenge against the people who murdered her father and stole his River Flowing Sword. Once a righteous and respected martial sect, they are now the most notorious and feared clan in all the martial world.

This PDF includes stats for members of the Relentless Corpse Sect, new poisons, Kung Fu Techniques and weapons. It is designed to be dropped into any campaign as needed.

Donnybrook, the skirmish game rulebook now available

April 4th, 2016

The Donnybrook skirmish game by Clarence Harrison and Barry Hilton from Wordtwister Publishing is finally available in PDF in two formats:

High Resolution (300dpi)
This version has been configured for printing (and is pretty much the same file we sent to the… err… printer). It looks absolutely stunning on desktops and laptops. Like any PDF you can load it onto your tablet but with its large file size it makes viewing cumbersome.

Low Resolution (96dpi)
This pdf has been optimized for fast viewing on tablets. Like any PDF you CAN print this file but the 96dpi resolution may render less than satisfying results.

You can place your order at the League of Augsburg Shop.

Rules posted for Star Wars: Rebellion prior to the games release

March 22nd, 2016

Fantasy Flight Games has posted up the rules for Star Wars: Rebellion for you to download before the games release!

Star Wars™: Rebellion is nearly here, and it is coming fully armed and operational!

If you had ever hoped to find the whole Galactic Civil War condensed into a single game and a single box, this is it. Star Wars: Rebellion is scheduled to arrive at retailers a week from Thursday, and when you pick up your copy, you can take command of either the entire Galactic Empire or the fledgling Rebel Alliance. More than that, by picking up an early copy of Star Wars: Rebellion, you gain the opportunity to take part in the action of Rebellion: Week One. All week long, when you play your games, you can report your results and see how they help to shape the ongoing struggles between Imperial and Rebel forces.

First, however, you will want to learn the game, and to that end, you can now download the rules!

The Ferryman, a new Penny Dreadful One Shot from Wyrd

December 24th, 2015

The Ferryman is a One Shot adventure for the Through the Breach roleplaying game. It requires the Fated Almanac to play.

Penny Dreadful One Shots from Wyrd Games are single session RPG adventures for a party, that are only released as PDFs. They often include pregenerated characters they are designed to work with, allowing Fatemasters to choose whether to insert them into an ongoing campaign or to run a quick and dirty session of Through the Breach.

Malifaux’s river isn’t as safe as it used to be, not that it was ever all that safe to begin with. Something is hunting on those dark waters, claiming the lives of sailors and stealing their bodies. When a grieving father places a sizable bounty on the creature’s head, a wave of new boats strikes out to kill the monster… but are they the hunters or the hunted?

Free Solo Adventure for Fantasy Dungeon

December 7th, 2015

PenguinComics.com has released a free Random Solo Adventure, The Cave & the Treasure– albeit a tiny one of 28 pages. This is a simplified version of their Random Solo Adventure rules used in the game book Fantasy Dungeon, and the up-coming book Post Apocalypse.

In The Cave & the Treasure you search for a mighty treasure – but has to come first, before the evil Orcanius! Are you able to do it?

You can download it now from the PenguinComics.com website. The 28-paged book is a 5Mb interactive PDF. You might want to have a pencil, 6-sided dice and paper ready…

Battletech Primer PDF available from Catalyst Game Labs

October 22nd, 2015

Catalyst Game Labs has put together a little Battletech Primer PDF designed to help get anyone interested in the Battletech world with a bit of the history of both the games that have come before, and a bit about the universe, itself.  So if you’ve not been keeping up with all things Mech for the past 30 years, here’s a bit of a history lesson for you

Creating a booklet that showcases the immense legacy of this universe, while providing an exciting, new way to present the information about the 3025 Succession Wars Era (as it’s been written about dozens of times), and showcasing all the ways players can experience BattleTech across all the companies involved producing games? Yeah…pretty tall order and it required lots and lots of go around. Ultimately you’ll let us know if we succeeded!

Beyond everything else that’s great about this PDF, the art is a brilliant, 30-year retrospective of an amazing cadre of artists.  The art in this Primer covers thirty years of action-packed BattleTech excitement. From the very first books published in 1985 to illustrations this year from both the tabletop game as well as concept sketches from Harebrained Schemes’ coming BATTLETECH: enjoy the visual history of this stunning setting.