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Trials of Frostgate Available through the Road to Legend App for Decent: Journeys in the Dark

October 1, 2017

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce that a new adventure is now available for purchase through the Road to Legend app! Trials of Frostgate challenges you and your fellow heroes to four distinct trials, and each trial is guaranteed to test your strength and your resolve in a different way. Unlike a campaign, which progresses through a story with every new adventure, each challenge in Trials of Frostgate can be attempted multiple times as you attempt to best your scores from previous encounters!

In the city of Frostgate, the Northern Tribes gather each winter for feasting, celebration, and their most sacred rituals. Amongst these rituals, the Trials of Frostgate stand proudest—tests of courage, skill, and strength of arms, where the proudest and bravest warriors earn tattoos of their totemic animals. Four trials await you—and only the boldest heroes can withstand them all.

As part of the Road to Legend companion app, Trials of Frostgate invites you to experience the danger, excitement, and heroism of Descent: Journeys in the Dark as a completely cooperative experience. The companion app takes over command of the monsters that you battle, leaving you and each of your friends free to become the heroes of Terrinoth.


Delve deep with the new addition to the Road to Legend App for Descent

October 4th, 2016

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce a new addition to the Road to Legend app for Descent: Journeys in the DarkThe Delve!

Your adventures have taken you across the realm of Terrinoth in two distinct campaigns. First, you opposed the bumbling schemes of Splig in The End of All Goblins mini-campaign. Then, you fought the explosive depredations of Merick Farrow through the wild places of Terrinoth in the full-length Kindred Fire campaign. You’ll soon be able to face your greatest challenge yet, however—a randomized delve mode is coming to Road to Legend.

Unlike the two campaigns that have been previously released for Road to Legend, The Delve challenges you in an entirely new way. Over the course of a single session, you and your fellow heroes will advance through an ever-changing pocket dimension, carrying out the goals given to you by the Caretaker—the ruler of this strange domain. If you can accomplish your objectives, the Caretaker will reward you with experience, loot, and your eventual freedom. But if you fail, the terrifying dark creatures trapped in this world will tear you to pieces. 

The Road to Legend companion app for Descent updated.

September 16th, 2016

The Road to Legend companion app for Descent: Journeys in the Dark has given you the chance to experience Descentas a fully cooperative game, battling against monsters and sinister events controlled by the app as you play through the epic story of a campaign. With the Rise of All Goblins mini-campaign, the full-length Kindred Fire campaign, and side quests corresponding to each of the game’s major expansions, you’ve already had dozens of adventures that span the entire realm of Terrinoth.

Now, you’ll gain access to nine entirely new side quests that can change the shape of your campaigns in Road to Legend forever!

With the most recent update to the Road to Legend app, nine new side quests have been added to the game—one corresponding to each of the Descent Hero and Monster Collections. These Hero and Monster Collections introduced heroes and monsters from the game’s first edition into the second edition of the game, greatly expanding the options available to you in every quest. Even though you’ve already been able to use the heroes and monsters from these expansions in your games of Road to Legend, the value of these Hero and Monster Collections grows even more, since with this newest update, each expansion in your collection also unlocks a brand-new side quest for your campaigns.