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ITS Scenery Set Available from Micro Art Studio

May 28th, 2017

ITS Scenery Set contains detailed scenery pieces that were designed as Objective Markers dedicated for Infinity. It combines high quality resin casts, etched fluorescent acryllic glass and laser cut MDF board. It’s compatible with both ITS seasons 7 and 8 and has enough objective markers to play every single mission there is in the ITS system. And it’s already available at Micro Art Studio webstore!

The set consists of:
– 15 MDF/acryllic Antennae-Console combo(which translates into 9 Transmission Antenna + 6 Human Consoles for ITS purposes);
– 12 MDF/acryllic Beacons;
– 6 resin Supply Boxes;
– 4 resin Tech Coffins;
– 3 resin Panoplies.

PWork Wargames Release Ruined Complex 28mm Scenery Set

May 1st, 2017

Pwork’s Wargames presents a new release in their gaming scenery set; Scenery Set design: Ruined Complex – Scenery Set 09

Ruined Complex – Scenery Set 09 is a paper-printable set, ideal for fantasy or Sci-Fi settings, wherewith It’s possible to realize a 3D terrain piece, ideal to be used as crumbling or ruined buildings, joined in one complex or separated.

This set offers the possibility to quickly and easily build a scenic element complex, compatible with all major wargames, board games a role-playing games that use 25 mm or 28 mm miniatures, ensuring greater realism and visual impact on your wargame mat.

Ruined Complex – Scenery Set 09 has been created to be easy to cut and past, to give you a light-weight and resistant scenic element for your gaming mats, to improve the fun of your battles!

Brigade Models Release Harbour Defences

February 26th, 2017

Brigade has a new release in their Small Scale Scenery range; a set of Harbour Defences pieces with fittings for various sizes and types of gun turret to expand their existing Harbour Wall set.

They aren’t based on any historical prototype, so technically they’d fall under the remit of the Aeronef and Land Ironclads VSF umbrella. That said, the fixed gun positions are very similar to historical installations around the world, and Dover Harbour has a gun turret on the harbour wall which is still in position today.

Four types of turret are available as standard – French, British, German or Russian, although other turrets from their accessories range would also fit.

Infinity Engine releases dungeon scenery

September 27th, 2016

Infinity Engine has created a whole range of great dungeon scatter scenery, doors, treasure, pits of fire and acid/bubbling lava and loads more.

From the publisher:

I found that when I’m playing role playing games I really don’t have the time or cash to build one of those amazing fully built 3D model dungeons and for speed and ease of play drawing on a write-on/wipe-off surface is the quickest way to create a map as the players make there way through the adventure. I put a couple of my column models on the map as we played and it suddenly made the experience much more characterful, that’s when the idea of the this scenery set came about. I made plinths for the columns and that kept them stable, and worked on the whole range, I hope you love them as I do and find they add some extra character to your gaming sessions.

Underground Lasers, a new laser-cut terrain company up on Kickstarter

April 10th, 2013

Underground Lasers, a Newark, NJ based game scenery and terrain company, has announced its new line of products: Flat Geometry Terrain. This new product line of prefabricated, easy to assemble, parts boldly goes where no terrain building company has gone before. What is different about this product? Flexibility.

Traditionally, scenery kits and concepts have been modular, but only to a point; allowing gamers to build a limited number of structures with pre-determined shapes and sizes. With Flat Geometry Terrain, though, there is no limit to what you can design with the components, and once you are done, you can reuse those components in myriad different ways over and over again.

Ziterdes releases a new batch of Terrain projects

April 9th, 2013

Ziterdes released several new terrain items:

The City Gate can be used together with the city walls and the defensive Tower. Models come unpainted and are made from structural foam. It is light, yet extremely stable, easy to paint, cutable, deformable, just dip in hot water.

A Seaside Town House, Wooden hatch (3 units), Alchemists Rack, Dungeon and Fireplace round out the lot of new releases.

PK-Pro releases new model snow powder and crushed glass

March 26th, 2013

PK-Pro introduces their new model snow powder and crushed glass.


Model-Snow-Powder Set (Model Snow Powder + Crushed Glass) for realistic mud, powder and deep snow effects.

The advantages of PK Model Snow Powder:
– Chemically inert! No reaction to or with colours, super glue, wood glue, water or other chemicals!
– No colour fade! No yellowing!
– Abrasion-resistant if applied professionally.
– Can be fixed with varnish.
– Glitter efect can be improved with PK Crushed Glass.