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It’s a new paint line kind of day

February 23rd, 2016

Steamforged Games and Secret Weapon Miniatures have both announced a new miniatures paint line this week.

Steamforged Games Ltd is proud to announce that we are going to be working with Meg Maples on the development of a brand new range of miniature paints. This will be a carefully selected and curated range of paints, designed to enable miniature painters of all skill levels to deliver compelling results. Incorporating classic paints, inks, metallics plus a brand-new set of technical mixes that transform the way you paint…but more details on this soon!

Secret Weapon Miniatures has (sort of) announced that they’ll be coming out with a new line of acrylic paints. These aren’t just washes and pigment powders, but “full” paints, themselves.

8 new 80mm round lip bases released by Secret Weapon Miniatures

December 21st, 2014

Secret Weapon Miniatures have so many new bases in the queue that they are having trouble keeping up with them — but today they have eight new 80mm round lip releases for you!

Urban Rubble
Town Square
Rocky Bluff
Lava Flow
Desert Mesa
Creeping Infection
Corpse Fields
Blasted Wetlands

Stay tuned for some new 50mm beveled releases, and their first Knight bases, in just a couple of weeks!

BlastedWetlands Corpse-Fields Creeping-Infection Desert-Mesa

Lava-Flow Rocky-Bluff Town-Square


New Weathering Pigment Fixer available from Secret Weapon Miniatures

July 5th, 2013

Secret Weapon Miniatures has a new product to enhance they’re already-beloved weathering pigments with their new Weathering Pigment Fixer.

This unique enamel fixative creates a permanent bond between your model and the pigments, without altering the texture or color of the pigments.

Apply with a brush over the pigments via capillary action to keep a soft texture. Sprinkle pigments over fixative to get a rough texture. Or create a wash with pigments and fixative for a dusty finish.

Secret Weapon Miniatures launches their Tablescapes Kickstarter

April 12th, 2013

Following up on last weeks report, Secret Weapon Miniatures has now launched their Kickstarter to fund a line of terrain tiles, terrain pieces, bases and other fun stuff.

Tablescapes is an injection molded plastic 12×12? tile set designed to give tabletop gamers themed gaming environments that are fully compatible with new and existing terrain and basing options from Secret Weapon Miniatures.

The initial offering, “Scrap Yard,” will give you the ability to put your army on “Scrap Yard” bases, set them on a “Scrap Yard” table, and surround them with “Scrap Yard” terrain — giving you a completely integrated, unified theme for your gaming experience.