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Marauders of the Apocalypse for Warthrone

January 26th, 2015

Avatars of War have released the new barbarian tribe, Marauders of the Apocalypse to their web store for use with Warthrone.

Many barbarian tribes from the Frostlands of Krond fall under the influence of the Apocalypse. As that influence grows stronger, these barbarians become demented murderers dedicated to plundering, losing almost every vestige of the great men of the North they once were.

This regiment box contains 128 plastic parts to assemble one 16-strong 28mm scale Marauders of the Apocalypse regiment equipped with shields. Contains the optional pieces to assemble one or two command groups (leader, standard bearer and musician). Contains also 16 plastic 25mm square bases.

Warthrone is now available in English

July 11th, 2015

Avatars of War has had their Warthrone rules available for some time, but for those of us who are English-only speakers and have no-one to translate or explain the rules for us, you were out of luck when it came to playing the game.

Now, Warthrone, the game of epic fantasy battles in the World of Saga is finally available to download in English.

The World of Saga is at war. Lead your army into battle and position your faction to be the one that rules all.

New Dwarf Master Gunner & Dire Harpy of the Apocalypse available from Avatars of War

June 26th, 2013

Avatars of War  release new miniatures for one of the most popular characetrs in Warthrone Dwarf army lists. A Master Gunner placed near your war machines will not only support your orders to the crew but also minimize potential breakdowns that occur during battle. Also, for the Hosts of the Apocalypse comes the Dire Hapry miniature: a great add-on to give more combat strength and reliability to warpacks of Harpies of the Apocalypse.

Avatars of War release two new models for Warthrone

May 22nd, 2013

Avatars of War released a pair of new models for Warthrone.

Two new miniatures for Dwarves and Hosts of the Apocalypse.

For Dwarves, a Master Pathfinder sculpted by Felix Paniagua. The Master Pathfinder is designed to be used as champion in a regiment of Dwarf Pathfinders.

For the Hosts of the Apocalypse arrives Kurz’Gan, the Corrupted Scion, sculpted by Sergio Lafuente. Very soon we will add the rules to use this new character in Warthrone.