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WizKids Announces The Expanse: Doors and Corridors Expansion

Jan 15, 2019

WizKids is pleased to announce that The Expanse: Doors and Corners, the first EXPANSE-ion for The Expanse, its game of politics, conquest, and intrigue, based on the acclaimed television series, is coming soon to North American Game Stores!

In The Expanse, players use characters and events in the Expanse universe in order to spread their influence and compete for dominance. The game’s accessible, card-driven system allows players to utilize action points in order to move or place fleets and influence, and use their faction’s unique abilities to gain control over the solar system.

The Expanse: Doors and Corners expansion adds five new modules to the game—Leaders, who can go with fleets and can add influence when they do so, New Tech, which gives player three random choices whenever a tech is earned, Resource Tokens, which can be spent in a variety of ways to add AP, help pay CP, move the initiative track, or earn bonus points, Protomolecule, which adds a new scoring opportunity, and Variable Setup, which allows for fleets and influence to be placed anywhere at the start of the game. These modules can be used in any combination in conjunction with the base game, adding new and engaging elements to the strategy and gameplay.

The Expanse: Doors and Corners is a fantastic addition to this exciting game, allowing you to spread influence throughout the Expanse universe in a whole new way! This expansion is coming soon, so be sure to preorder it at your Friendly Local Game Store or online today!

WizKids Announces Smash City Dice Game

Jan 12, 2019

WizKids is pleased to announce that its new building-toppling, car-throwing, city-crushing dice game, Smash Cityis coming soon to North American Game Stores!

In this dice-rolling game designed by Stephen Avery, and inspired by Japan’s iconic kaiju creatures, players become giant monsters powered by different types of energy, battling for dominance. The game features three-dimensional city buildings that players can knock over to gain different abilities. Each turn, they will roll giant dice in order to make the strongest possible attack against their opponents. If a building is knocked over, that player takes a Smash card, which give players special abilities. If a player knocks a building onto one of their opponents, that opponent takes damage based on the number of buildings that fell on them. If the player’s die is touching a building with an energy token matching that monster’s favored type of energy, they gain a Power Up token. They may also throw cars if their die lands within range of one, dealing 1 damage if they hit a monster or monsters and granting a Power Up token to that player.

However, as they destroy the city, the city will fight back. The civilians have sent armies to take you on, and if you happen to land in the vicinity of one of these armies, you will take damage. Additionally, you will take damage if your die is touching a building with an energy token that your monster does not favor.

The game ends when a monster reaches its last life point. The player who has the most Power Up tokens at the end of the game is the winner. With 4 unique monsters including the terrifying Toxiguana and the monstrous Magmalodon, Smash City will fire players up as they cause chaos and destruction in a battle to the death. Smash City is coming soon, so be sure to pre order it at your Friendly Local Game Store or online today!

Fury of Dracula 4th Edition Now Available from WizKids

Jan 6, 2019

WizKids has released the 4th Edition print of the classic hidden movement vampire hunt board game, Fury of Draclua!

It is 1898. London has returned to peace for eight years following Count Dracula’s thwarted plans, or so they thought…

In Fury of Dracula, one player is Count Dracula secretly traveling the European countries, turning humans into vampires with his gruesome bite, and laying deadly traps for those hunting him. The Count’s opponents are the Hunters who must find the bloodthirsty villain and destroy him before his undead thralls claim the night as their own.

Fury of Dracula 4th Edition includes the same great game play as 3rd edition with a new and improved rule book; larger, poker-sized cards; and fully painted figures for Dracula and each of the Hunters. This updated and improved version of this thematic classic is a perfect addition to any board gamer’s shelf!

Each round is broken into two phases: day and night. During both phases, hunters may perform one of many actions such as travelling throughout the map or investigating their present location. Dracula, however, is only able to act at night, when he can lay traps for the hunters, create new servants, or secretly move to a new location. Players continue to traverse the map, featuring a variety of European countries, until either Dracula gains enough influence, or the hunters defeat him.

Will the Hunters take down Dracula before his undead thralls overwhelm Europe, or will he succeed in his insidious mission?

Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition Available Now!

Dec 26, 2018

WizKids is thrilled to announce that the Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition, the most comprehensive version of the critically acclaimed strategy game ever createdis now available in North American game stores!

In this game of exploration and conquest, up to four players don the mantles of Mage Knights, warriors who must conquer the cities of the Atlantean Empire in the name of the mysterious Council of the Void.

This Ultimate Edition of the classic game designed by Vlaada Chvatil is packed with content, including all three of the game’s expansions, The Lost Legion, Krang, and Shades of Tezla, along with 5 all-new cards. Combining elements of RPGs, deck-building, and traditional board games, the Mage Knight board game captures the rich history of the Mage Knight universe in a self-contained gaming experience.

A game of epic exploration and conquest that mixes character development, intrigue, and the clashing of swords, Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition allows players to revisit this exciting setting or experience its thrilling adventures for the first time! Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition is available at your Friendly Local Game Store or online from WizKids today.

WizKids Announces Thrown, Trick Your Way To Glory

Dec 26, 2018

WizKids is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Thrown, a new trick taking game designed by Adam Porter, designer of the acclaimed Pikoko. Adding dice into the traditional trick-taking formula, Thrown puts a whole new spin on one of gaming’s most popular and long-standing mechanics.

In Thrown, players take on the roles of nobles vying for the throne after the death of the Monarch. Each round, players go around the table rolling 1-3 dice of a single color from their pool, attempting to roll the highest possible result. The chosen color for each round is referred to as the trick color.Each color represents a different suit. If a player is unable to roll a die in the correct suit for that round, that player must attempt to trump by rolling a 6 on any other color die. The player who rolled the highest number wins the round unless another player successfully rolled a trump, in which case that player wins and receives 1 gold for each die rolled by every opponent.

In addition to rolling dice, players have access to a communal set of cards in the center of the table, called the Display.These cards have an array of powers and abilities which can be used at various times during each round. For example, some cards, called Discard Powers, allow players to discard their dice in order to re-roll or access additional dice during their turn. Other cards, such as Result Powers and Victory Powers, may be used after your turn or at the end of the trick and can impact the result of the trick. The game ends after a number of rounds equal to the number of players, and the player with the highest total amount of gold is the winner, and becomes the kingdom’s new Monarch!

This new twist on trick-taking games turns this classic formula into a fresh, new experience. With 40 dice, 22 character cards, and limitless possibilities, this dice-rolling fantasy game will provide endless replayability for new and experienced gamers alike.” Pre-order Thrown at your Friendly Local Game Store today!

WizKids Announces K’uh Nah

Dec 20, 2018

WizKids is pleased to announce that K’uh Nahinspired by the ancient pyramids built by the Mayan civilization, is coming soon to North American game stores in 2019!

In this quick, push-your-luck style game from designer Adam Daulton, players build pyramids of differently numbered block cards in order to stack them higher. Each turn, players will either select one of two numbered block options from the “Quarry” in the center of the table, or place a token on one of the Quarry’s blocks and pass their turn. If a block is taken from the Quarry, the player takes all tokens that have already been placed on that block. The player then must place the block into their pyramid structure, either as a base block or supported by two heavier blocks (those with higher numbers). There is a way around being supported by heavier blocks though: if the block to be placed matches symbols with any lighter supporting blocks, then the block may be placed on top of them.

The game ends when the Quarry can no longer be fully refilled. To determine the winner, players add together the values printed on any blocks that are not supporting other blocks. The player with the lowest score wins, guaranteeing that their k’uh nah will remain standing for centuries as a monument to their civilization. K’uh Nah will release in 2019

Marvel Strike Teams Now Available

Dec 18, 2018

WizKids is thrilled to announce that Marvel Strike Teamsits newest Heroclix strategy game set in the iconic Marvel Universe, and its expansion, Marvel Strike Teams: Avengers Initiative, is now available in North American game stores!

Marvel Strike Teams puts 2-5 players into the shoes of fan-favorite heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe. Each character has a Heroclix combat dial used to track their level and build points as they play through the game’s various missions and scenarios.

In addition, the exciting Avengers Initiative expansion, also available now, adds some of Marvel’s most powerful heroes and villains, including Loki, the Asgardian God of Mischief, Ultron, Black Widow, and Vision, to the Marvel Strike Teams lineup!

With randomly selected scenarios, multiple Map Tiles, and THOUSANDS of possible encounters, each mission will feel like a fresh new way to save the world!

Maidens Quest Available Now from WizKids

Sept 6, 2018

WizKids has released their new card game, Maidens Quest.

It is time to take matters into your own hands. Literally! A maiden, tired of waiting to be rescued, takes it upon herself to fight her enemies and escape.

Maidens use cards from their hand to attempt to defeat an enemy or obstacle. As you play, the game’s difficulty grows as enemies of increasing veracity become active! An innovative turn and flip mechanism allows each card to represent up to four items, encounters, or allies.

This fun and easy to learn game takes 10 to 30 minutes to play if you play non-stop. Or play one round at a time, which is only 30 seconds or less! Each encounter resolves separately, so you can stop and stow away the deck at any time, returning to play exactly where you left off. Also, the game is played solely in the hand, so no table space is required! Box contents include enough for true solo (1-player) play, co-op, or competitive 2-player games. With multiple copies, even more players can join in and be part of a large, multi-player experience!

Maiden’s Quest includes:

  • 144 Cards
  • Rule Book

MSRP: $19.99