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Wookie Warriors Unit Expansion Available for Star Wars: Legion

Dec 28, 2018

In the ongoing struggles of the Galactic Civil War, the Rebel Alliance has one distinct advantage over the Empire. While the ranks of the Imperial military are almost exclusively filled with humans, beings from countless worlds across the Star Wars galaxy have flocked to the Rebellion to commit themselves to the cause of freedom. Each new species that joins the Rebel ranks can contribute to a mission in its own unique way, giving the Rebels options beyond rank-and-file troopers.

Nowhere is this more evident than the Wookiee Warriors of Kashyyyk. Typically a peaceful species, these imposing warriors possess a volatile temperament that makes them absolutely terrifying when provoked. Soon you’ll be able to direct your Wookiees’ fury at your Imperial foes on the battlefields of Star Wars™: Legion with the Wookiee Warriors Unit Expansion.

In this expansion, you’ll find four unpainted, easily assembled Wookiee Warrior miniatures eager to test their tenacity and resolve on the battlefield. Already fearsome on their own, five upgrade cards give you the chance to further enhance their abilities. Finally, a unit card and a handful of tokens let you fully incorporate a unit of Wookiee Warriors into your armies. Join us today as we take a look at everything a group of Wookiee Warriors adds to your Rebel army!

Edge of Darkness : Star Wars, the Card Game preview

April 10th, 2013

“It’s not wise to upset a Wookiee.”     –Han Solo, Star Wars: A New Hope

“In February, we announced Edge of Darkness, the first deluxe expansion for Star Wars™: The Card Game. Focused on the dark side’s Scum and Villainy affiliation, as well as the light side’s Smugglers and Spies affiliation, the box introduces twenty-two unique objective sets. In turn, these new objective sets and their cards bolster the game with more tricks than you can fit into a customized suit of Mandalorian armor!

The dark side’s Scum and Villainy affiliation focuses largely on capturing light side cards, but it also benefits from an array of cards that “cheat” the standard rules for placing focus tokens on cards and determining Continue reading