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2 player starter kit for Wrath of Kings

April 29th, 2016

Wrath of Kings has released a brand new 2-player starter kit.

Honor and Treachery: The Battle of Ravenwood pits the werewolves of Goritsi versus the Ashmen of Nasier. It’s quickness and brute force versus precision strikes and a more-methodical approach to battle. The starter has more than just a couple sets of figures in it, too. You also get terrain templates so you’re not just playing on an open field. You really can get going just as soon as the glue dries on the minis.

Wrath of Kings 2 player starter available

March 15th, 2016

Honor and Treachery: Battle of Ravenwood, the 2 starter player kit for Wrath of Kings includes models for the Goritsi and Nasier factions, a quick start rule set, terrain templates, and unit cards.

The 2-Player starter was designed as an inexpensive way for players to begin playing Wrath of Kings, learn the rules, and start building their own forces.

Wrath of Kings preview Gorbal the Rampager

September 18th, 2015

People have asked the guys at Wrath of Kings, “Just what does the future hold for Wrath of Kings”? Horrific monsters. Lots and lots of horrific monsters! They will be previewing more upcoming items from their new wave of releases as time goes on, including sculpts, cards, and stories but their first preview to showcase: GORBAL THE RAMPAGER!

Gorbal is one of the werewolf minis for House Goritsi. In fact, he’s not just any werewolf, but he’s one of the Skorza leaders. He plays really well with others, since he can regain wounds during a Combined Activation, although you might want to leave him with at least one point of damage on him, since he gains Unstoppable when hurt. He can also get back at attackers if you put him in charge of your force, potentially generating magic attacks back at enemies.

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