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Mailfaux 3rd Edition Announced

July 29, 2018

The third edition of the Malifaux skirmish game is on the horizon from Wyrd Games!

Slumbering Tyrants are awakening and grasping at power as the residents of Malifaux – Human, Neverborn, and Gremlin alike – stand in stubborn defiance against them. With streamlined rules and an intuitive new hiring system, there’s never been a better time to cross through the Breach and into the world of Malifaux!

Change can be a scary thing, but it doesn’t need to be. Without change, there are no new threats to encounter, no new obstacles to overcome, and no new adventures to await. In Malifaux Third Edition, we’ve stripped away the rust to make the old metal shine new again. Below, you can catch a glimpse into why Change is Good for a world where Bad Things Happen.

Child of Flames One Shot for Through the Breach RPG

September 25th, 2016

Child of Flames, available now at DriveThruRPG from Wyrd Games is a challenging One Shot adventure for the Through the Breach role playing game. It requires the Fated Almanac to play.

A dangerous rescue mission finds the abilities of the Fated matched against the might of the Guild. The Fated are hired to retrieve the kidnapped daughter of a wealthy couple and return her, safe and sound, to her grieving parents. The only catch? She was captured by the Guild’s Witch Hunters… and has since been transformed into a loathsome Witchling Stalker.


The Ferryman, a new Penny Dreadful One Shot from Wyrd

December 24th, 2015

The Ferryman is a One Shot adventure for the Through the Breach roleplaying game. It requires the Fated Almanac to play.

Penny Dreadful One Shots from Wyrd Games are single session RPG adventures for a party, that are only released as PDFs. They often include pregenerated characters they are designed to work with, allowing Fatemasters to choose whether to insert them into an ongoing campaign or to run a quick and dirty session of Through the Breach.

Malifaux’s river isn’t as safe as it used to be, not that it was ever all that safe to begin with. Something is hunting on those dark waters, claiming the lives of sailors and stealing their bodies. When a grieving father places a sizable bounty on the creature’s head, a wave of new boats strikes out to kill the monster… but are they the hunters or the hunted?

Two new Through The Breach PDF’s from Wyrd Games

October 25th, 2015

Wyrd Games’ two newest Through the Breach releases, Into the Steam and Northern Aggression, are now available on DriveThruRPG!

Into the Steam delves further into the Arcanist Faction in Malifaux and the lands to the north of Malifaux City. It includes a new method of character creation (including the ability to play as a Construct), new pursuits, new equipment, environmental hazards rules, and a bestiary! Click on the image above to go to DriveThruRPG and check it out!

Northern Aggression is a Penny Dreadful that takes place north of Malifaux City. This 4+ part adventure will lead your Fated through a cinematic adventure across the Northern Hills. It is the first part of a larger Penny Dreadful adventure set, and a great way to get your Fated involved in the setting. Click on the image below to go to DriveThruRPG and check it out!


Darkness Comes Rattling rules released by Wyrd Games

July 21st, 2015

Darkness Comes Rattling is a cooperative board game from Wyrd Games that can be played with anywhere from 2 to 6 players in a fully cooperative environment. The players take on the role of warriors of the Tribes of Man, intent to save their world from the spreading corruption caused by the snake Darkness. The warriors must gather together items and prepare to take on Darkness to save the sun.

Each warrior has unique abilities they bring to the game, allowing for a varied experience each time you play, and easily adjustable difficulty levels keep veterans coming back for more. Darkness Comes Rattling can even be played single player with a minor variant, allowing the game to be enjoyed solo.

Darkness Comes Rattling features stunning art, solid rules, and a challenge for your tabletop game night. Created by Kevin Wilson, it’s a game that is sure to leave you wanting to play again and again.

You can download the full rules here

Malifaux Crossroads available now

February 22nd, 2015

Wyrd continues to update their M2E books to digital form.

The latest addition is Crossroads.

The city of Malifaux would never be described as comfortable, but as you leave its borders and brave the wilds away from the protection of the Guild, you may begin to think of it that way. Gremlin ambushes are a constant threat, blood thirsty gunslingers lay in wait on the road, and you are never alone in the woods. There are things out there; things that even the Neverborn tell stories about, left over from the ancient times of Malifaux, waiting…

Crossroads takes us away from the city of Malifaux, adding new characters and exploring the fates of some of your old favorites. New models, new stories, and scenarios themed for each master in this book will all draw you away from the protection of the city, and into the wild…

Wyrd announces newest Malifaux releases

December 19th, 2014

Wyrd has the latest set of releases up for Malifaux. They’ve got 4 new crews coming later this month.  Other releases include Crooked Men, Hog Whisperer, and the Pigapult .. And of course there’s the Mindless Zombie.

-WYR20108 – Of Metal and Flesh C.Hoffman Crew – $50.00LeveticusBanner
-WYR20506 – Salvage and Logistics Leveticus Crew – $50.00
-WYR20212 – Crooked Men (3) – $21.00
-WYR20507 – Hannah – $35.00
-WYR20606 – Hog Whisperer – $16.00
-WYR20607 – Pigapult – $30.00

Out Now:
-WYR20108 – Bound By Law Lucius Crew – $50.00LuciusBanner
-WYR20206 – Vengeful Spirits Kirai Crew – $50.00
-WYR20106 – Guild Guard – $18.00
-WYR20213 – Mindless Zombie – $35.00
-WYR20515 – Freikorpsmenn – $21.00