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CMON Announces Zombicide RPG

July 29, 2018

CMON Limited announced that they have partnered with Need Games!, an up-and-coming Italian RPG publisher, to design and publish Zombicide: The Role-Playing Game (Z:RPG), based on the celebrated board game franchise.

Z:RPG, designed by Marco Maggi and Francesco Nepitello, merges the classic zombie-bashing action that players expect from the Zombicide line of board games with the exciting character creation and development of an immersive role-playing game. An intuitive set of game rules will allow players to create original Survivors during a Prologue that narrates the players’ first contact with the undead menace. Then, the Survivors will plunge head-first and galvanize into a group of die-hards with their first adventure: “The Crossroad”. This adventure will allow the players to describe where and how they got together, and why they watch each others’ backs. “The Crossroad” is a fully-customizable entry point, created to allow for different play-styles and settings, whether a classic urban locale, an infested shopping mall or hospital, a remote scientific lab, and more.

In Z:RPG, the rules governing gameplay for the players and the Game Master are not the same. Where the players use mechanics inspired by the fast-playing Zombicide board games, the Game Master employs a set of special Zombidice dice that will allow them to quickly determine the consequences of player actions, gauge the strength of their opposition, and even determine the enemy actions during combat. Players of Z:RPG will experience first-hand what it means to witness a zombie apocalypse, and they will discover if they have what it takes to survive it.

Raxxon Evacuation Kits Appearing in the Wild – New Dead of Winter Game On The Horizon?

July 13, 2017

The Dead of Winter Universe keeps growing and growing! A new Dead of Winter game is being teased using mysterious packages and a website for Raxxon Pharmaceuticals.

An unannounced new game linked to Jonathan Gilmour and Isaac Vega’s zombie survival hit has begun to pop up on Twitter and Facebook, with a number of people that are in some way linked to the franchise posting images of a ‘Raxxon survival/evacuation kit’.

The image of these kits clearly shows a black box that describes “A game by J. Arthur Ellis” (who manages the play testing for publisher Plaid Hat Games) and features the words “Set in the world of Dead of Winter”.

The boxes come complete with a letter from Raxxon Pharmaceuticals, stating “Raxxon invites you to partner with us and save the human race”.

website for Raxxon has also appeared, teasing team members and making reference to a zombie outbreak. A link at the bottom of the site links to a fake command line interface, which requests a password and displays Bloody Munchies, the cereal from the Dead of Winter when left to idle. Using the link and the password, bloodymunchies, then accesses a directory of files, none of which grant more details on the new game. There are, however, further easter eggs if you dig into the files or leave the unlocked command line to idle again.

Surely we will hear more about this mysterious new game sooner, rather than later, with GenCon right around the corner.

Mantic Releases New Warpath and Walking Dead Miniatures

June 14, 2017

This week Mantic have a massive raft of new releases, from the far future of Warpath to the gritty present of The Walking Dead: All Out War. Here are some of the highlights!

Both the Forge Fathers and Enforcers receive reinforcements this month with new units and weapons being brought into the fold, including the Enforcer Heavy Support Team and the Forge Father Weapons Platform Formation.

The most exciting things though are the new Reserve Forces and Mega Forces. Each of these comes with a load of specialist troopers and units to bolster any existing force or even start a new one. On top of that, each comes with one of the brand new Hard Plastic vehicles – either an Enforcer Flyer or a Forge Father Tank – long before they will be widely available!

Following on from the launch bundles, we’ve started to release the single boosters for The Walking Dead: All Out War Wave Two.

These include the Miles Behind Us narrative expansion and the Negan, Tyreese and Glenn Boosters (yes, Glenn is finally here!). You can pre-order these from the webstore, or from any of Mantics retail partners.
Warpath1 Warpath-2

Munchkin Zombies Guest Artist Edition coming

June 22nd, 2016

October is going to be so exciting it will raise the dead! A shambling Guest Artist Edition is on it’s way, just in time for the Halloween season!

Braaaaains . . . BRAAAAAINS!!!

The Guest Artist line continues with Munchkin Zombies Guest Artist Edition! It’s the undead horde you love with a set of fresh organs . . . art! I meant art. Definitely not delicious brains. Ok, fine, brains too.

Greg Hyland is known for being the original artist for Munchkin Fu (which recently got its own Guest Artist Edition), as well as the Lethargic Lad web comic. He’s also done work for LEGO, like storyboards for their movies. You can find an interview with the artist here on the Daily Illuminator.

Project Z available for Preorder

February 22nd, 2016

Available for pre-order now from Warlord Games is their newest zombie miniatures game, Project Z.

Project Z is a skirmish wargame for 1 to 3 players taking control of Survivors or a Street Gang fighting to survive against the environment and an ever-growing horde of Zombies. Project Z is a fast and easy to learn game containing 39 detailed self-assembly plastic models, rules, counters and specially designed dice and cards.

Pre-order now for shipping early April


The Complete Zombie bundle deal containing the full Project Z range:

  • Project Z – The Zombie Miniatures Game
  • Zombie Horde Expansion Set
  • Male Survivors Expansion Set
  • Biker Gang Expansion Set
  • Female Survivors Expansion Set
  • Special Operations Team Expansion Set
  • Feral Dogs FREE!

Warlord Games announces Project Z

January 30th, 2016

Warlord Games is working closely with Wargames Factory to exclusively distribute their plastic wargame kits worldwide. This deal gave them access to all of the dark future apocalyptic ranges featuring Zombies, Survivors and several unreleased models including a Biker gang and Special Ops military.

Warlord have been having such great fun with the Zombie range that they couldn’t help ourselves but produce a whole game system, entitled Project Z!

Unlike the various boardgames on the market, Project Z is a proper tabletop skirmish wargame with freedom of movement, terrain, stat-lines, etc, etc. Packed with undead mayhem, the game is quick and fun, packed with awesome models, hordes of Zombies and buckets of dice! Project Z is due to be available from Warlord Games in April this year supported by a complete range of plastic box sets.

Munchkin Zombies The Walking Dead coming soon!

August 20th, 2015

Steve Jackson Games is at it again with a licenced expansion to Munchkin Zombies, this time it’s The Walking Dead.

Based on the hit comic book series, this 56-card expansion to Munchkin Zombies lets you show your favorite Walking Dead characters who’s really in charge. The undead rule!

Do battle with deadly living foes like Rick, Michonne, and Negan. Whack them with a deadly Katana or the brutal Lucille . . . take their stuff and shamble toward victory! Level up to become the most badass undead of all. Show the living that the world belongs to The Walking Dead.

Meridian Miniatures unleash Chibi Zombies

July 10th, 2015

Meridian Miniatures release their first Shambling Zombie Chibi Miniatures, with grabsome hands and mumbling maws! Exploring dungeons and tombs just became more perilous for your questing adventures!  Ambling around the unlife this horde of heinous horrors will bring peril to your adventures for sure!

All tooth and sword miniatures stand to approximately 30mm tall, excluding ears and hats!

Pack contains five unpainted Chibi Zombie figures, cast in High Quality Resin.