Battle of France 1940 (Revised)



A Strategy Board Game Based on the
Invasion of France and the Lowlands in 1940

The Battle of France was the first great tank battle, and perhaps the first major battle, of World War II.  France was to be the proving grounds that Germany’s Panzer tank divisions were to become feared on.

No one suspected a strategic pincer attack from the Ardennes forest, but rather through the Maginot Line. Nearly everyone believed that the Maginot Line would be the ultimate wall of defense against Germany. Heinz Guiderian was the exception. His ground breaking idea of mechanized warfare created World War II. Here is where he would show the world the strength of a concentrated attack force and how an entire nation could be brought to its knees by a swift, decisive strike.

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  • Number of Players: 2 to 3
  • For Ages: 14+
  • Playing Time: 90-120 min
  • Box Dimensions: 235x300x50mm
  • Weight: ~1.2kg


Original (2015) – Sean-Michael Pigeon
Revised (2020) – James J Campbell


James J Campbell

In Battle of France 1940 you play the role of either Guiderian or Charles De Gaulle. You make the decisions; Will you attack Dunkirk and cut off the British? Can you defend Paris against the ever growing German armies? Will your men continue to fight despite massive casualties and declining morale? How will you deal with supply shortages?

Combat cards simulate fog of war and new challenges to face your troops every round. Unique rules mimic the Blitzkrieg system of warfare and special combat features include divisional singularity, tank superiority, air support and retreat rules. Also featuring special territories showcasing the historic elements of the Ardennes Forest and the Maginot Line.

Battle of France 1940 is filled with factors beyond your control. However, the heart of the game is in how you position your forces so that the industry, morale and equipment of your opponent is destroyed, captured or commandeered.

Can you shape the fate of the world in a few short hours?


  • Rule book
  • Game Map (18 x 27 inch 6 fold board)
  • Game Round Marker
  • Combat Cards (18)
  • 6 sided dice (6)
  • Player Power Chits
    • 15 France
    • 15 Britain
    • 15 Germany
  • Cloth Draw Bag
  • Box
  • Multiplier Chips (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Combat Unit Miniatures (NOT INCLUDED)


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