Feudal Endeavor: Ulterior Motives



An Expansion for Feudal Endeavor

Catherine the Great may have her plans for the expansion of the empire but you have your own grand designs for the future of your Fiefdom and your families prosperity and prestige! Earn prestige by secretly creating the perfect fiefdom while publicly fulfilling the Empress’s bidding. Ulterior Motives provides additional opportunity to bring prestige to your noble family.

Feudal Endeavor: Ulterior Motives adds 24 cards to the base game and an extra layer of planning required to get the most out of your fiefdom and bring your family fame and fortune.

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  • Number of Players: 2 to 6
  • For Ages: 13+
  • Playing Time: 20-60 min


Andrew Zimdahl


Jared Sanford
James J Campbell


James J Campbell

Feudal Endeavor is required in order to use this expansion.

This 24 card expansion creates additional end game scoring and brings greater strategic power to Acts of War Special Abilities and the Restructuring Special Ability.

Use Acts of War: Call to Arms to steal vital deeds from your opponents. Use Restructuring to make a quick end game move to better reflect your own personal motives while keeping in mind the opportunities for great Prestige by fulfilling the Empress’s bidding throughout the game.


  • Rule book
  • 24 Ulterior Motives Cards


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