Do you have a great game prototype or completed design that you don’t know what to do with?
Would you like to see your game completed and published for the world to enjoy?
Are we the Publisher for you?
Let us help you find out!

I Will Never Grow Up Games is a direct-to-consumer publisher, utilizing crowdfunding and online sales rather than going through the traditional brick and mortar distribution chain. That’s not to say we won’t, or don’t consider traditional distribution, but let’s face it – getting in to distribution is a tough nut to crack and we have thousands of visitors each and every month looking for games already. Why not make one of those games yours?


Please read our SUBMISSION GUIDELINES BEFORE submitting a game for consideration!

Why would you want us to publish your game?

  • We’ll be honest with you. If you’re deciding between publishing the game yourself via Kickstarter or submitting it to publishers like us, please consider the pros and cons of each. If you self-publish, you can build a business, you have full creative control, and you’ll make more money if the game is successful…but it will involve a lot more work. If you just want to design games, submitting to a publisher may be a better fit for you.
  • We’re small and focused. Big isn’t bad, but if you want a small, savvy, personal company to get your game out there we think you’ll enjoy working with us. Being small we understand the struggles of getting your name out there and getting that foot in the door for the first time. We don’t publish many games, which means that when we release a game, we make a big deal about it and support it for a long time.
  • We’re passionate. We’re not trying to pump out games every other week that we barely know or care about. We would rather focus a ton of time, energy, and money on games we truly love, the games that we’re happy to share with the world as if they are our own. If you want that type of passion and drive at the helm of your game, you’re at the right place.
  • We love games. We really, really do! Hopefully you will find that to be the case for any publisher, but it’s worth mentioning that our love of games is why we do this. We’re not in it for the money–we’re here to connect people with memorable, fun gaming experiences. Not only do we love playing games but we also love the ridiculous process of game creation and hope to continue producing quality tabletop games for many years to come!
  • We’re a partner, not an employer. We want to make the best version of your game. That means collaborating with you to make sure we stay true to your vision while enhancing and elevating various aspects of the game. We will ask for your opinions, thoughts, and permission throughout the process.

For a good list of the DO’s and DONT’s of seeking a publisher, check out this article





  • Industrial Production Chips – Custom made replacement poker chip money for Axis and Allies (and similar) games.
  • A&A Flight Stands – Custom metal flight stands for Axis and Allies (and similar) games in 25mm and 35mm heights.
  • Threat Level Dice – Custom D6 designed for use with increasing “threat level” of the unit/item it is being rolled for.

We are NOT CURRENTLY accepting submissions.

If you feel your game might be a good fit for our company we would like to hear from you!

Please read our Submission Guidelines BEFORE SUBMITTING a game for consideration.

Please send all submissions or other inquiries to submissionsatiwillnevergrowup and we will contact you as soon as possible (typically within 2 weeks for game submissions, 24 hours for general inquiries)

“If you’re not open to criticism, then the only fan of your game will be you.”