Heroes Call



In the land of Zug, being a hero is a way of life! Children spend their days training to defeat the monsters that inhabit the surrounding wilderness in seemingly unending numbers. As a right of passage, all young adults must head out in to the wilderness and survive an adventure of epic proportions. Those who return become Heroes and spend the rest of their days telling the tales of the harrowing creatures and near defeat experienced.

You are one such group of young adults, ready to forge your own story! With the help of a few apprentices you will depart the safety and comfort of your village and embark upon an epic adventure.

Defeat the Big Boss and survive to tell your tale! Fail, and fall into obscurity.

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  • Number of Players: 2 to 4
  • For Ages: 13+
  • Playing Time: 30-60 min
  • Box Dimensions: 230 x 155 x 58 mm
  • Weight: 500g


James J Campbell


James J Campbell


  • Play Mat
  • First Player Card
  • 193 Market Cards
    • 78 Combat
    • 38 Action
    • 15 Special
    • 32 Money (1)
    • 18 Money (3)
    • 12 Money (5)
  • 24 Encounter Cards
    • 12 Mini Boss
    • 6 Minions
    • 2 Traps
    • 4 Benefits
  • 6 Boss Encounter Cards
  • 20 Apprentice Meeples in 4 player colors
  • 4 Score Tokens in 4 player colors
  • 4 Health Tokens in 4 player colors
  • Rule Book


  • Worker Placement
  • Deck Building
  • Open Market
  • Combat Resolution (PvE)


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