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Field Marshal Games WW2 COMBAT DICE




Nothing tells your opponent that you have crashed through his defenses with your Panzers better than a good spread of Iron Crosses on the game table.
Your opponent will certainly lose hope in Stalingrad when the Hammer and Sickle tell them the tale!

These Custom crafted COMBAT DICE were made with one purpose.. to show all contenders that you dictate the course of history!

Designed for use with Axis and Allies but also a great addition to any Second World War combat game that uses a D6 combat system, these dice are custom made with the national emblems of the US, China, Great Britain, ANZAC, France, Japan, Italy, Germany and the Soviet Union.

Each die is cast in the typically used color to match the playing pieces of that nation.

The world is full of Armchair Generals. Show your opponent your military and tactical prowess with Field Marshal Games Combat Dice.

Each nation set contains 6 dice.

A Full Set includes all 9 nations (6 dice per nation) for a total of 54 dice.


Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 20 mm
Select Set(s)

Full Set (9 Nations), United Kingdom (Khaki Tan), United States (Army Green), Russia (Revolution Red), China (Khaki Green), ANZAC (Khaki Brown), France (Blue), Germany (Black), Germany (Gray), Italy (Brown), Japan (Burnt Orange)


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